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Hey everybody. Long time no see! I think I'm going back to the old fashion way, of posting everyday, because this feels weird:)

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So here's a boring update O_O Still fighting with the anatomy

Well, some new stuff

You've made some big strides since page one, nice work. Love the barry lyndon study! Your color sense has improved a lot, but values and the way that they are grouped is number one and doing some black and white studies would go a long way. Another thing I noticed is your proportions tend to get skewed as you get farther down a character, making the feet and legs far bigger proportionally than the torso and head. Keep going!

Devin Thanks for you psychological support. It feels kind of good to have someone back you up and motivate you even the tiniest bit when you are in a rough patch.

Wow, the lizard-like person with the creature on it's head is really creative...and ominous! The dark atmosphere works really well. The face might benefit from a bit of reference, just cause faces are so darn unforgiving.

Really like the rock arch in the ocean--such nice colors, and a loose sketchy feel.

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thanks Tygerson for checking out my work! I appreciate it.

Here are some sketches from today. I'm unhappy with what I've been doing lately :/


Here is a color doodle I did this afternoon

regardless of the themes you choose, you've got a very expressionist style and pallet choices. Nice.

Rognoll, thank you, great to hear!

5-10 min poses

Wow, these studies look great considering the time frame!

As for the warm up sketch from the post before, the stance looks a little awkward because both feet face the same direction. Upright standing poses always work best when the angle of the feet forms a V-shape viewed from above.

Keep up the good work! :)

Daily studies... sorry about the quality

Today's stuff... weak update.

60 poses... and a 30 min study

I joined a group on facebook Daily spitpaint and I've done some of the topics like: Birth from flowers and Crystal warrior.
First Birth from flowers, was done under 30 minutes and second version 45 min

Some speed paintings and a self portrait

Here's more trial and error o_o

lol, seems like we're doing the same master studies :p great pallets!


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