Tryna get my cutie mark
Sup dudes. Woke up the other day and realized I stopped following my dreams. Here's some old sketches so you can see whereish I'm at:

[Image: 6585629911_a6453b2450_z.jpg]

[Image: 6585629563_3bee6d82b7_z.jpg]

Edit: removed broken image links

Sup bros. Scribbled some quick scribbles from imagination. Should really study more natural light and metal stuff.

Hi mdbauman! Cutie marks are something worth striving for. I would advice you to start blocking out the whole form of the face on Selleck and the whole suit of Scarface in one color with a big brush, so you have a base. Then you could start laying down the light and shadows, which would aslo make it all quicker.

Kinda a bit how Dave Rapoza does it here:

Hope this helps. :)
Hey, what up! Great updates so far! Andromonoid made some pretty good suggestions, so I won't repeat what he said. I do enjoy the sketchbook pages, definitely want to see some more of that!
@Andromonoid I'll try that out. I definitely have a tendency to do a line drawing first and then have to spend forever correcting it.

@Corey Thanks. I'll get a few more up whenever I get to the library to use the scanner.

Here's more Tom. Actually had a lot of fun on this dude, so I might come back to it later and do the hair for realsies and mess with the eyes some more. Have a couple interiors I want to do first though.

Edit: Broken image link, removed

thanks for the comment in my sketchbook bud, good luck on your bloodsport piece. I think with this last study it looks like your colors are a bit desaturated, but it stil looks good. Hope to see more from you :)

Hey again, guys. Been a giant lamer this past year and barely made any progress. Here's a still life I worked on for 2ish hours tonight, basically just trying to fix the perspective the whole time. Some rusty rail spikes. Had trouble with perspective and then getting my darks dark enough.

Thanks for stopping by my book, the last study looks good!

@neumann Thanks for the motivation, buddy.

Hey again Daggers. There's a lot of you these days, I guess that's good as long as you keep forum drama to a minimum.

Here's a chimp from last night. Might work on the hair more or do some separate hair studies.

And girl head from this morning that I felt like inking with one of those ultra fine point Sharpies. Completely boned the face outline when I inked it so I just stuck some tape on it to make the shape better (?)

i like the sketches in your book, fill those pages up!
and good luck on getting that cutie mark :D
Some speedies for the speedpaint thread.

Going forward I think I need to focus on getting some major forms and getting the color right like Brenthollowell's speedpaints in the thread. Use atmospheric perspective better and get my scribble texture on.

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Felt really slow after the speedies in the last post so I'm trying to get my speed up by putting a time limit on my everyday studies.

Not noticing a difference yet but I think it's still worthwhile because it gets me drawing more instead of sitting here sipping coffee and barely making progress like usual.

The portrait was exactly an hour and really stressful, and the other two were about 45 minutes just trying to figure out the reflections and texture.

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Heya. Deleted Facebook and didn't go to the bar and have been super productive this past week. Here's some studies.

Spent a day on arm practice. Here are some of the cooler ones. Top and bottom ones in the middle are from imagination, I think.

Trying to think more about process. Right now I'm doing block-in -> basic rendering -> features with lasso or hard round -> more rendering, details and corrections

I like the way you paint. It's really expressive!

Heyyy guys. Here's what I've been up to.

@Rognoll Thanks. I know I've got miles to go but I'm definitely trying to end up somewhere Sargent-y.

I have one sketchbook where I'm only allowed to draw in Sharpie. I started doing it to force myself to stop noodling around with details in pencil so I'd draw faster and it definitely helps.

Messing with feathering.

And some photo studies.


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