Critique stone golem drawing

I would like someone more experinced to tell me what I can do to improve this painting, I'm probably not going to finnish it, but I'm trying to get better at composition, and painting in general, so it would be increadibly useful to give any opinion at all about this : ) thank you

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Did you do any other thumbnails for this comp? Even if you like this one as the first one it's important to explore other thumbnail comps til you're happy that one works. Best thing about that is you don't waste time painting something that didn't work so well from the beginning.

As for this I don't think the composition is too bad, you did a nice job value wise and the rocks pointing down bring the focus to the golem, there's not so much to size ref him with apart from the cave, and I think you could have created more of a story to the piece than 'golem stands in cave'. Interesting compositions help to enhance and tell the story you are portraying. I think if you go back to the thumbnail stage and think about the story you are telling and then do thumbnails you'll end up with a better comp and fundamentally better image :).


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