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Gonna fight sharks. (Not really) - nickzornart - 08-21-2013

Hey guys, love the idea of having improvement outside of the arts being a part of this community. I'm heading to Mexico to do some scuba diving the first week of October, and not wanting to be the fat guy on the beach, I'm trying to work out every day to drop about 15 - 20 pounds. Right now I'm at about 200 lbs, I'd like to be somewhere between 180 and 190 within the next six weeks.

So, workout log from last night (the first real night of getting in to this):
50 jumping jacks
25 standard pushups
20 squats
8 lunges with each leg
75 crunches
100 bicep curls w/ 20 lb dumbells
50 tricep raises w/ 10 lb dumbells

I think that's a pretty good starting workout, but I'm going to work some more cardio into it as I go, plus add a few more weight exercises every other day.

RE: Gonna fight sharks. - nickzornart - 08-21-2013

Also, I did sort of make the mistake of working out right before bed, so I couldn't fall asleep until about 3. Protip: don't work out at midnight unless you don't want to go to sleep until super late.

RE: Gonna fight sharks. (Not really) - nickzornart - 08-23-2013

So, tonight was kind of an easy night. 100 curls at 20 lbs, 100 tricep raises at 10 lbs for each arm. Might still do some pushups too before I hit the sack.

RE: Gonna fight sharks. (Not really) - Markus - 09-03-2013

Good luck with your project man!
It's amazing what you can do with just rudimentary weights and using your bodyweight.

RE: Gonna fight sharks. (Not really) - Jaktrayter - 09-03-2013

kill those damn sharks. No mercy.

RE: Gonna fight sharks. (Not really) - nickzornart - 09-07-2013

Thanks guys, it's tough to drop weight like that. I'm not losing near as much weight as I wanted, but I'm pretty sure that my pants are getting looser, so either I'm losing fat and gaining muscle, or it's all in my head and I'm just trying to convince myself that I'm making progress.