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Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 10-25-2013


You might know me from forums. I posted there few years ago. Unfortunately I changed password to my account there and then forgot it :P. Can't get it back but this place looks equally good. I miss posting in sketchbook so here it is.

Short info about myself.. My name is Marek, I'm from Poland and I'm 30 years old. I work as 2d artist in game company that creates casual games.

Here's my latest personal stuff.

Color experiments



RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 10-25-2013

Heya dude! Welcome to Crimson Daggers :D
Too bad about conceptart, but this place is equally as cozy and motivational!
Really nice start to your sketchbook! I especially like that sci-fi street sketch, feels very lived in. Gives my imagination some material to work with and that's always nice.
Hope you keep posting mate!

RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 04-17-2014

Bjulvar - Thanks! Luckily I managed to recover the password but maybe let's try different place :).

Some environments.

This one has a lot of photos used.

Life studies from my trip to Fuerteventura.

Some other studies done with HTC tablet.

Latest environments.

RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - denikina - 04-17-2014

I really like the environment with aliens.

RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 04-30-2014

denikina - Thanks!

Some anatomy studies.




Homeworld style spaceship sketch.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Adam Lina - 04-30-2014

Wow awesome stuff in here man! Keep posting!

RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 05-07-2014

Hypnagogic_Haze - Thanks! I will :).

Random robot ideas for fun.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 05-14-2014

Drawing clothes on top of nude model sketch to get better at drawing different fabric.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 05-17-2014

Landscape study from Google Street view.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 05-20-2014

A little bit of face proportion practice.



RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 05-23-2014

Bunch of hand studies from various references.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 06-18-2014

Character sketch from imagination.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Danny Martinez - 06-18-2014


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-04-2014

Danny Martinez - That's cool! Thanks for dropping by.

I'm not entirely happy with this piece but I got tired of improving it forever. Gotta move on.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-06-2014

Random robot ideas.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-08-2014



RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-09-2014

Mirror mode sketching in Alchemy just to relax.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-11-2014

Two hours of doodling. Used one layer and one brush for most of the piece beacause I'm lazy :/


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-15-2014

Something simple today.


RE: Farvus' Sketchbook - Farvus - 07-18-2014

Simple sci-fi interior. I treat this as warmup to something more advanced.