21 Days Exercise Challenge, Completed.
25 Crunches, 20 Plunges No rest. X1
30 Push ups, 37 Squats this week is all about pushing my limit a bit.
50 Crunches.
Just counted on my calendar today was the last day of this 21 Day challenge. I won't stop exercising, it somewhat became part of a daily activity, even though I only do 1 exercise per day, I'm slowly building it up to full body workout routine on a single day, still learning more about different stuff.

But overall, this was a great way for me to make exercising fun and part of my life. After all, reason I rarely did exercise because:
1. You get too tired
2. Its not fun

So by changing the way I exercised it made the whole experience different, thanks to what Zenhabits mentioned about starting small.

I encourage you to do things in the simplest form possible, and slowly build your way up. Until next time, keep exercising!
wooohhoooo keep it up mate, i actually just finished my 30 day yoga challenge last week
I just finished my sex marathon
Already passed more than 3 minutes
How do you like this result ???
In my opinion not bad.


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