Strength and general athletecism training log
Hey guys!

Love this idea, so I've been training fairly intensively since last August, at first it was 3 times a week and a few months back I increased it to 4. I started by following Starting Strength (look it up!) with the goal of getting some basic all round strength, and more recently I've been doing some kind of hybrid of 5/3/1 wave loading and heavy singles with a lot more emphasis on Olympic lifts, loosely based on Lyle McDonald’s Bulking Routine

My goals are based around strength and explosiveness, my focus is on weightlifting not bodybuilding, though I am looking to add some mass. I try to keep my workouts structured into Upper and Lower days, but I am pretty flexible with what I will train on any given day, I figure as long as I eat and rest enough and my lift numbers aren't hitting any plateau's it's probably okay.

My current PR's's

Back Squat 1RM - 165kg (363lbs)

Front Squat 1RM - 130kg (286lbs)

Deadlift 1RM - 180kg (396lbs)

Bench 2-3RM - 90kg (198lbs) (haven't tried to beat this in a while)

Standing Military Press 5RM - 60kg (132lbs)

Clean and Jerk - 100kg (220lbs)

Snatch - 70kg (150lbs)

Vertical jump ~ 120cm (4') (I want to measure this and get a video soon, been pleased with my progress on this)

Since august my bodyweight has gone from around 82kg (180) -87.5kg (192)

Oh also, I'm 6'2" and just about to turn 20, for any difference that might make

some progress shots,

[Image: Aug-March_zps6c9d28ad.jpg]

Vanity shots

[Image: vanityshotsmarch9_zps67c12c23.jpg]


[Image: legsnback_zps0f8cb422.jpg]

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