50 pounds down 22.6796185 kilos down
getting there, still got jubblies all over. The before pic is 2011? other pic is last week. Finding a 24 hour gym has been the quintessential source of my weightloss, and diet. I'll post more about my diet later. It's still kind of a work in progress. Mostly meats/vegetables, and sugar free bullshit. Sugar free jello has 0 carbs/0 grams of sugar. When I started, I was hitting up a city supported gym that had an indoor track, and was cheap. Only downside was that it would close at 9pm, and doing art, your sleeping schedule gets all cracked out in the literal sense (for me anyways), so days, sometimes even weeks would pass without stepping in the gym. I would do 20-30 minutes of jogging, not too slow not too fast. I haven't jogged in a couple of months, been focused getting my form down with the tools at the gym I go to..

I've taken a hinder on getting better at art, but that's probably moreso from my depression/personal drive. Learning how to work out does take practice though. Like I mentioned before, form. Lifting weights does take some mileage. If you have a bud who knows how to do things,bring them. If you could get a personal trainer, then that's a no brainer. ive been studying tmw/scott herman, random vids on youtube to understand. I'll post more about my routine later

I've been getting into art again lately, and to be honest it's pretty hard to draw for 6 or so hours and then decide to lift some weights. But that could also be from my diet. I quit coffee when I was eating breads etc, now i NEED coffee to function.

Feeling shitty before the gym sucks, but while/after lifting I feel great. Now I just remember the good feels, sigh, and walk inside.


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