Neopatogen training plan/goals
I feel awful if I don't engage into physical activities! I've never been fat, I just need sport to be healthy and in good mood. I train at home. So here is my training plan:
1. Stretching (yoga) - 30-40 minutes every day or every 2 days. In any case I must not miss more than 2 days, otherwisw I get stiff.
2. Power training - ABS and back 3 times a week, push-ups once a week, triceps once a week (or if possible, go to pull-up bar in the park once a week), legs once a week.
3. Cardio once a week (if possible, go to swimming pool twice a month). 

Goals in accordance to the plan: 
1. Side split till May, 01st (about 12 cm left).
2. Be able to do 15 full push-ups (chest reaching floor) till June (I currently do 5) and to stand on my hands. Being able to pull up in a year (it's not my priority).
3. Just to feel good :)

I'm going to update my progress within 1 or 2 months.

As for stretching, I'd be happy to share experience, if anyone here practices it too or needs help in finding resourses.


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