Retarted attempts from the 13th dimension
Hi there. Hoping that I won't be horrible forever. I'm at a place right now where I don't know how to study I'm really stuck right now and hoping this site could help me move forward. 
Things I wish I could do, 
      1. Render realistically, I feel like I get the idea of big planes to smaller and smaller planes. I think I lack knowledge of technique in this area rather than understanding of  principles. I understand that surface material is mainly about contrast and whether lighting is diffuse or direct, whether a form is round or square are there sharp or soft transitions between tones etc. But I really don't know how to create realistic effects. 

      2.  Draw the same object/character/enviroment in any viewpoint maintaining consistent appearance. For graphic novel purposes. I've studied perspective alot read lots of books and attempted to go through examples. I still find it difficult to have accurate foreshortening where I really arive at the other side of the form. Its one thing to do it with basic forms but I don't get how to get more advanced with my foreshortening. 

      3. How to get right colors. I'm aware of the idea of simeltaneous contrast, how colors will appear different based off what they're around. Which is why I can't ever do my color studies from master paintings or photos right. When I think I see a green, it was actually a de-saturated yellow. That is just an example of the kind of situation I'm talking about. 

Anyway heres some of my crappy practices.

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