Drawing With Your Thumb On A Mobile Phone
I was in the market for a tablet with art capability recently.  I own a samsung note 3, though I rarely pull out the pen and sketch on it because it's such a cramped space.  I thought I'd get a samsung pro note tablet, but they haven't come out with a new model since 2014 and now there are mostly just used and refurbished units available.  I was looking at pricier options like the surface pro 4 and the vaio canvas.  Then I stumbled across the lenovo yoga book - it is a new hybrid device that just started shipping in November.  It kinda blew my mind and I instantly wanted one.  

It is a clamshell/laptop device with a normal touch sensitive tablet screen on one side, and the other side is a slate black surface that toggles between either a pressure sensitive graphics tablet (wacom tech) or what they are calling a holo keyboard, which has no physical keys but has a glowing keypad and is touch sensitive.  The tablet screen side has no pressure sensitivity, but you can draw on it with the stylus.  So I bought one (android version) and I've had it a couple weeks now, and I do really really like it as a portable digital art tool and a functional tablet.  I am not fond of drawing directly on a lit up glass screen so having the familiar matte tablet surface available instantly is fantastic.  It's half the cost of the surface.   It comes preloaded with artrage but I have autodesk sketchbook on there now - the paid version unlocks the pressure sensitive brushes.  It doesn't have the processing muscle for big paintings  (I think autodesk sketchbook caps at 2800 pixels square) but it's plenty capable for sketching, studies and smaller pieces.  No ragerts.  

It has more features but I don't want to sound like a shill.  It is super cool and anybody interested in a mobile digital art device should give it a look.  

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