Destroy my sketchbook
Hey people, my name is Fabian. I'm an aspiring illustrator and concept artist. Over the years I've started and abandoned different sketchbooks on different sites under different nicknames, but the idea is to stick to this one now. I'm also posting stuff on permanoobs and ca. So maybe you recognize my stuff from old sketchbooks, I hope not though because that shit was terrible haha.

 I'm making a serious attempt at keeping this thread regularly updated this time though. I haven't really neglected art although I've been through some unproductive periods, so I'd like to think I've made some progress since last I posted here. What I have realized though, is that I've been very bad at being social at all, often becoming isolated for long periods of time and not really knowing or interacting with a lot of like minded people with similar goals to mine, other artists to bounce ideas off and stuff of the likes. Unsurprisingly it seems that kind of situation leads to a lack of optimal productivity levels, working alone all the time. I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm back to be part of the community , obviously improve and to make friends  and help them improve as well :D, so don't be afraid to talk to me, I'll be extra friendly ( wink ) . I do studies everyday, but saying right from the get go that I'll be updating this thread daily might be a bit unrealistic, so I'll start with a couple of times per week and see where that takes me. I will check the forums everyday for sure though, and I'll do my best to answer everyday.

So, right now I'm kinda trying to get work from publishers like Paizo and similar ones, and maybe when I get rid of some of my rough edges even  Wizards of the Coast. I sent a portfolio to Paizo a couple of weeks back ( you can see some of it here ) but I still haven't heard from them so I'm already working on a new portfolio I plan to be sending on February. You gotta be insistent. So that's kind of what I'm aiming at right now. 

Studies-wise I'm trying to get my process to be more composition-driven and my work to be less dependent on infinite rendering, you know, tightening the use of focal areas, edges and all that. I'm also eternally working on improving anatomy, portraiture, and well, basically everything.

So here's some of last week's studies. I'll be posting more probably in a couple of days. I'm looking forward to exchanging critiques and thoughts with you cool insane people, who share the intent of making a living out of art, on a regular basis to keep the juices flowing, so don't hesitate to contact me if you want to give me pointers, tell me I suck, want me to critique something of yours or anything at all really. Thanks for looking.

This is one of the portfolio illustrations I'm working on. I'm trying a new process so it's kind of an experiment also.
[Image: GrondIllustrationwip.jpg]

Some character work

[Image: SquintyTowelsColorSketch.jpg]
[Image: SquintyTowelsSketch.jpg]

Assorted studies 

[Image: female%20figure%201.jpg]

[Image: female%20torso%202.jpg]

[Image: portrait%205.jpg]

[Image: portrait%206.jpg]

[Image: portrait1.jpg]

[Image: portrait2.jpg]

[Image: portrait3.jpg]

[Image: portrait4.jpg]

Fuck me up guys.


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