Quote:Eyyy, same age buddy what's up xD! Same here but with concept art. 

You're freaky good for someone our age! Then again I'm freaky bad. We make a good match.

Quote:I can relate pretty well. I grew up in a family and with a group of friends who really valued academic success with pretty much everyone around me working/aiming for STEM field jobs. I'm mostly A's but I'm definitely not getting any scholarships LMAO with my last semester grades. 

I 100% support you if this is really what you want to do. I kinda feel you on people not really agreeing with your choice D:. I find though, if you show others how serious you are about something they usually are ok with it. I'm not sure but it sounds like only recently you've decided on this path. I think you should spend some time deciding the details to your plan in terms of education. 

Thank you. Support from internet people is great but I don't have shit from anyone around me. I just have to get my head down and work hard. Then people will change their minds eventually. I just have to get out of this house and this school before it gets to me!

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