hi, my name is jay, i'm 23, and i've been drawing for about 13 years. 
i discovered this forum a long time ago in a guide to pursuing an art education from home. i'd meant to join for a while, but here in quarantine, it looks like there's no better time. i could really use a community as i'm not currently in school, and i feel stuck in my artistic development, and art friends are always nice too.

my deviantart gallery:
i'm on most other social platforms under 'dremorai' as well. 

i hope to learn a lot here!

eta: i forgot to mention, when joining, i clicked the confirm button twice by mistake. it redirected me saying the account already existed, so i didn't see any kind of welcome page with rules or what to do first, if there was one, so i apologize if i've missed something!

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