Mooeloo Learns to Draw
@KyleScary - Thanks for the welcome! =]

@ JonHop - Thanks for the advice JonHop! Yeah, I still need to practice my basic observation skills, which I'm going to start doing with cube still-life studies. Starting from the very basics should be a good place to start. Thanks for the Loomis link^^ I did actually try tackling the figure drawing book before but I think I want to make sure that I can copy things accurately before I start studying anatomy.

Anyways, for today I've got another self portrait... It's pretty bad. But, I'm aiming to do these on a daily basis to improve!

And also this quirkly little sketch from imagination. I kinda just drew an image that went along with the first word which came to my mind after I opened the .psd document - "Hammer." Kinda looks like something out of Fallout.

I also did some warm-up exercises and still-life drawings of a cube but I don't think they're worth scanning in. They aren't really that interesting to look at although I spent some time doing them... And yet I'm still pretty bad >.> Gotta practice practice practice! I'll be posting photos of them on my blog for documentation purposes.

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