Bloodsport # 5: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
After seeing many peoples work improve because of this place I'd be stupid not to join in, plus this challenge is the sort of thing I want to do when I go pro :P

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

I know I wont beable to use this one because it doesn't meet all the requirements but I kinda liked the idea.
[Image: Nausicaasketchbyseanpearson.png]

I'll post more tomorrow.

Looking at the countdown clock on the bloodsports blog is putting the pressure on!

I'm going the realism route.

1. I like the old guys placement and the horizon line of bugs coming from behind him.
Even though I've added a scene to the picture in the knights cape, the bottom right still looks empty.
2. Just rearranging. Don't like that the old guy looks like some sort of sex predator..
3. Just messing around with stuff I already drew.

[Image: Nausicaasketchesbyseanpearson.png]

I've got one more idea I'll try post later today, thanks for looking.

Hey, there's one thing that confuses me, if i'm not mistaken that big armor dude is just a random solider from that attacking army? Unless it's your redesign for someone important in the movie, there's absolutely no reason to have him occupy that much space.

Aside that, i'm feeling the 3rd the most. The other ones seem like they need a lot more re-arranging until every component really works.

I really enjoy that final composition a lot more than the others.

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I agree, the last one works the best for me.

enixtm: The knight is Kushana (the gold knight) she's the main "bad guy" in the story that's why she has all the space I gave her. Thanks for the feedback mate.

Zesiul, jonafunart: Thanks for the feedback guys.

So what I've done since you guys liked the 3rd one the most is finished the comp sketch and added in some text and rating placement, that would be on most posters. I have a couple of problems with it though;
1. All the characters are facing the right (I've tried facing people in different directions but didn't work)
2. And it just looks like a normal poster.. kinda...
Maybe if I take away the old guy and change him with land?...

And the rest of the stuff was me just trying to convince myself that the other poster could work.

[Image: nausicaacompsketch2byseanpearson.png]

All comments welcome, thanks again guys!

Working on my colours.
[Image: Conkerstudybyseanpearson.png]

I was still directing it at kids but as if the guys who made the Speed Racer movie had something to do with it .....?
Anyway I shouldn't have gone ahead with the unbalanced comp sketch until I was fully satisfied with it, lesson learned.
Final Image:
[Image: Nausicaabyseanpearson.png?t=1328761690]

See you guys in the next bloodsports challenge!

Cool so far. It's a interesting composition and nice layout, honestly though areas do look a bit lazy, sorry to say - you still have another day right.

I think to push it you gotta REF some stuff, bronze/metal, her face, his face. Her head is looking very small in comparison to her body! I think the finish on the Ohmu could be pushed, with it being the centre piece here. I am a little unsure about the plain purple bg and blurred dots, looks kinda christmassy or something!

Also I noticed you used Toxic Jungle, I thought it was "the sea of corruption" - I think that sounds better!

Much appreciated Tooth!

I put another 2 hours into it today and tried to correct the things you pointed out. I did still keep the purple and all the white spores flying around though.

And I tried to give my knight evil eyes but when that didn't work I just made them glow.

Thanks again mate!

[Image: nausicaa_by_jagged88-d4p9ypl.jpg]


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