Howie's Bloodsport #5 - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Hello Daggers, this is my first Bloodsport and I couldn't be more pumped. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with

here are some comp sketches and studies

[Image: comps.jpg]

[Image: refstud02.jpg]

[Image: refstud01.jpg]
Comps are feeling very uninteresting at the moment, but the life studies are lookin great!

Awesome studies! So far the comps are all of a direct side view or front view, might be worth doing some variations where they're viewed from an angle. Good ideas though, just need to move the viewing perspective around a bit. I'd like to see more like number 4 :D
I think the comps look good on their own, as individual pieces, they're definately not standard dvd covers they're more like works of graphic design than painting/illustration, and that's why it would require some extra skill to make them work, like, be appreciated by a large audience..

Although there are some minimalistic covers out there like this one for x-files:

Woah fantastic, I was leaning towards thumb 1 but your audience haven't seen the film won't understand her seat if they haven't seen the whole bug... Lovely studies!

You have to apply it asap! Before you lose it! Those studies are AWESOME! Now make the imaginative parts as well!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!

@enixtm: thanks, I love minimalistic covers with large powerful shape.

@Sprayah: that might be a good thing, because if looks interesting enough people will want to watch the movie to find out what it is

trying some more comps, gonna have to commit to something soon so I can use the stuff i learned from the studies as Zesiul pointed out

Lookin good! I like all three.

I like both A and B but I think B is stronger.

Howie, I"m diggin A & C, and I'm leaning more towards A! it has the movement and tension of the situation. Maybe try moving Nausicaa around the image some more? try her at different sections of thirds?

I'm liking B and C the most and great studies so far, keep it up!

Have to go with Jagged on this, B and C are the tightest. B in particular. Can't wait to see the final image, godspeed.
thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback...After much internal debate I decided to go with C. I thought it was the most visually striking and I thought it captured Nausicaä's relationship with the Ohmus the best.

anyways, here is a color comp...I don't want this to look like a Ridley Scott alien poster but i also want to keep it atmospheric. I think if I keep it more on the saturated side I can stay away from the horror sci fi look.

Awesome colour comp. I know what you mean about it looking like a horror sci fi, but the tone of the film is quite similar to one, in parts. I think it works, for a realistic version of the film. Good work on the atmosphere
Hey Howie great studies!

I must say I really love you black and white comps - have you thought about doing a similar style for the final? I think it could be really original and interesting!

I don't feel the comp you have chosen is the strongest to develop. Though to continue, I'd definitely find a ref for your colours, there are some cool underground cave photography, worth checking out.

Thanks guys

good call at looking at caves for reference tooth, I found an image that was almost exactly what i was after.

here's the study:

here is some progress and another study

Nice job with the studies and applying the cave! Looks great.

Thanks Rachel

Here's another update, feeling pretty good with where the composition is at now, had to move it around a little and add more space on the right and bottom. The swarm of bugs is just place holder for right now and I plan on going into more detail with the foreground. Might do another study for the mushrooms and spores and whatnot.

The background and foreground are looking a little too separate at the moment. Might be worth putting something in between where the browny coloured floor ends and bluer cave starts. (:


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