Bloodsport #5: My Neighbor Totoro
hello there, im new around here!
here are my first attempts at this challenge


trying to find a way to render fur

slapped some color on it, im not sure about the skin tones tho :o

Good choice picking that comp, I liked that one the most!

Really fun posing and with having the catbus up there.

Maybe the skin tones will look better when you add some blue light on them coming from the sky? And then the shadows will come from that which will help.

I've just noticed the colour blue you've used is for a night sky but the moon/sun is yellowy which is making it look like it's day time.

You might already know this ;D but there it is anyway.

Very nice comp. Values are spot on and colors are quite nice. Skin tone needs to be darker and more towards red unless You plan to place some light on their faces.

Keep it up and good luck!
rachelchan: thanks for you input good sir :D
jasielski: thx for the comment about the values, i was concerned about how it would look on other monitors ( too dark ) and you managed to reassure me a little bit :< about the skin i should probably do some long overdue studies on the matter.

i worked a little on it, changed the ears and the sky, the face of the little girl looked way too long so i shortened it quite a bit, im not sure the image reads as i imagined it at first tho, totoro looks kinda creepy :<

I don't have a very good monitor, so I might be wrong about the values :P

However it looks good on my monitor.
Jasielski. as long as it doesn't look totally wrong i'm fine with it ^^

worked a little on it, was dumb enough to overwrite it with a much lower resolution, so i had to spend quite a long time repainting all the edges and stuff :(
also i did a couple of quick studies

awesome man I really like the comp!
This poster looks sweet! Nice comps and studies too.

gyork. thank you sir D:
zaphk. and thank you o_o

worked on this piece a little bit, and did a quick study of a random girl from dA

I like where this has gone, good work :]

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blablablabla and thx zesiul

Oh I love it, especially the totoros face, and the kids!

and i think i'm done with this, learned a lot while working on this >_>
tooth. thanks :o


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