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Hello there, 
As I said in my introduction post, I am starting my sketchbook thread. I don't see the point in clogging the thread with too old drawings because I want to move forward and progress, so I am going to post the drawings I'm doing in my current sketchbook. Sorry if it's a bit dirty, my sketchbook has thin, see-through pages, I cleaned a bit but it's still rough.

I'll start with the oldest one (almost 1 month ago)  and I'll upload some more tomorrow!

I have to give a 120 pages sketchbook to my school so all my studies go there. Once I'm done with it I'll probably post digital painting stuff  too :) I might even start to make some very soon because I have less than 60 pages left.

I started with some skulls, mostly from Anatomy4sculptors and Gottfried Bammes' "Complete Guide to Life Drawing".

[Image: sketch10.jpg]

More Gottfried Bammes: 

[Image: sketch11.jpg]

Studies of posespace's models:

[Image: sketch12.jpg]

This is a copy from a concept art piece of Tevinter architecture, from The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The building below is from a promotional photo of England, for tourism I think?

[Image: sketch13.jpg]

I also love copying from Willwestonstudio . I think his stuff is great, and really informative when combined to other sources. 

[Image: sketch14.jpg]

Hands studies. Some from Stefano Lanza , some from photo refs (probably pixelovely)

[Image: sketch15.jpg]

More studies, trying to be accurate. David and a model from posespace. 

[Image: sketch16.jpg]

[Image: sketch17.jpg]

Leg studies, all from either WillWestonStudio or Gottfried Bammes' book.

[Image: sketch18.jpg]

[Image: sketch19.jpg]


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