Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space

Nice work, and nice brushstroke on the guys wit the long hair. I'm curious to see how he ll look once finished.

For your figure from memory I think the only major issue is the pelvis area . The supinator are a bit flat too, the right feets is a bit weird and you forgot some bony area like the bone on the wrist and the medial and lateral malleolus. But Overall I think thats a very nice mannikin figure.

Did you try to create some figure only from imagination? I feel like when you can create figure 100% from imagination, from any angle, in any pose, then you truly have mastered figure drawing. Its very hard, I'm far from it myself. I know Frazetta, bridgeman, and many draftmans and painter are able to accomplish it. Its forces you to think in three dimensional way, laying out perspective and thinking of things as blocks and masses with facets. The asaro head you have done is a great preliminary exercice.

I feel like you also want to skech people from side and back. Muscles like gluteus medius, triceps, often shows up a bit even from face. I feel like some of your muscle and area still feel a bit 2-D (pectoralis for example), like, the anatomy is right, but you forgot to add mass to the thing. The lines must show that mass, wrap in a way we understand its rounded. I think bridgeman would be great to look at, because even if its exaggerated sometime, its show well the form of muscles and the facets , the planes of light. If you think only in 2-D anatomy its hard to build a figure, but I feel like it easier when you start to think in volume, which you can only do if you can subdivide muscles in facets just like you did with the face and asaro head.

If you ever have time or want to try something new I suggest you try sculting humans in clay. Sculpting force you to think about volume and lighting much more than drawing and to think about think in a 3D way.

Keep up the good work !

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