Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
You're welcome. Well, to be honest that quite good for only six months of practice.

Yeah I know Loomis, he was the first teacher I ever studied through book and he is a wonderful draftsman. I definitly learnt a lot with him, about rythmes, about anatomy, about gesture. I tried his mannikin too, Felt awesome to copy his poses, harder to do it by myself.

About memo exercise : I think there are many ways to practice it. If a full figure feels overwhelming, you could try to draw an arm or a leg from face , profil or back view, then try to change the view by rotating it in space. Then correct muscle and anatomy with book. Its only one way of working and there are dozens of differents approachs, and dozens of mannikins / ways of making anatomy. Loomis is great, but he never totally worked for me , nor Richer or hogarth. Feel free to experiments and to find your things, there are many ways to learn it. Personnally what I have the easiest time with is box too, very simple forms, and some perspective. I got this techniques from Framed perspective 1 and 2 . If you feel the box is best for you maybe keep using it and gradually modify it to suit your needs.

What I think could really help too is learning perspective, if you didn't already. I had only very rought notions until recently, and suddenly everything made more sense. When you put an horizon line and start thinking in box/cylinder, with a ground plane, you can start to position your figure easily in proportion and think about think going backward or forward. I'll help with foreshortening too. I feel like perspective is like the trojan horse of figures drawing, as a student you usually go straight for anatomy, but knowledge of muscle location isn't enough if you don't think in space and that where perspective come into play.

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