Bonesworth's Questionable Quality Drafting Book
@John and @Darktiste, thank you both for taking your time to analyse those images. Both of you are right, I do need to train my line quality.

Quote:Your lines show you aren't confident in putting them down on the paper. Line quality is one of the foundations in drawing. Check this video out by Scott Robertson:

The firsts lessons of Drawabox is exactly this exercise and I did find a video of Peter Han in YT demonstrating this exactly exercise for his class (as his first lesson). I am more than enough convinced of its importance.

The fun part is that I did this exercise 2 years ago and wrongly believed that "Well, I am past that!". 

Wrong. I will be adding those exercises as a warm-up in all my practices. After doing some pages of it (including "ghosting") even my circles came out better. 

I am not saying that they are great, but noticeable better.

Quote:Sadly, there is never enough time in general.
Quote:Good luck. The initial push is always the hardest. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Thank you! Kind of a bittersweet, but true.

I did, today, some studies using Loomis "Fun with a Pencil".

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