How to find (adult) art friends?
(07-19-2020, 09:52 AM)darktiste Wrote: How would you define an art friend from a friend... is it someone who enjoy art or is it someone who engage in some kind of art themselve.Does it have to be the same craft or not?How do you define art...

You are right, it might have been not specific enough.
What I meant were people, who also do art (drawing), but who one knows in real life, so they live in your area.

But because of your questions I was thinking about it. And why I would want that.
The reason is to have somebody, who does a similar thing (also creating a graphic novel or also creating some similar thing), whose progress I can see regularly, so that I feel like I am falling behind and I better give it my best, because otherwise the other person creates something soo cool, while I am not.

So I wanted it for motivation and a bit like competition/urgency. But I realized, it has not really to be locally in the same area. Maybe it could be something over the internet. But over the internet the urgency goes away, as soon as you turn off the device..


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