Hi guys!

Well, as many of you already know I'm specialized in caricatures an portraits, and now I'm trying to move outside of my comfort zone.
So here I go with a new illustration.
Thanks to Isra for his super-helpfull feedback.

All critiques are more than welcome.


[Image: hollythunderforce.jpg]
Hey Jaume, nice scenery.
A few things that come to my mind. First the wizard stands in a awkward angle toward the giant. instead of facing him his body is faced to the side and that looks a bit unexpected.
The edges on your rocks are kinda too soft.
While i like the lightning bolts the two that connects to the giants teeth are somehow unrelated to the lightning the wizard casts.
the wizards cape is flying to the right as there is a very strong wind but the hair of the giant does not reflect that.
that is all i could think of - wished i could paint like that... keep going!

Thanks for taking your time to write, Wolkenfels. I appreciate your words.
Just have to say that those bolts you said on the giant's mouth, are not bolts, but saliva, that's why they are not lightened.
About the wizard pose, I tried to give him kind of altive pose, but I agree it can look not good.
About the giant's hair, I thought it wont be affecte by the wind, but for the giant's movement.
Will be more carefull with the edges, another weakness...

Thanks again!!!!

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