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my names kevin im 18 and i stumbled up on this site just today and figured i would join :b ill just post a giant dump of my work for you guys and then just do weekly updates. il put up traditional work in a post first than digital right after. btw some of this work is from when i was 17

[Image: img030.jpg]
[Image: img045.jpg]
[Image: img031.jpg]
[Image: img035.jpg]
[Image: img063.jpg]
[Image: img117.jpg]
[Image: img118.jpg]
[Image: CIMG0017.jpg]
[Image: img043.jpg]
[Image: img044.jpg]
[Image: img145.jpg]
[Image: img149.jpg]
[Image: img150.jpg]
[Image: img151.jpg]
[Image: img163.jpg]
[Image: img152.jpg]
[Image: img244.jpg]
[Image: img245.jpg]
[Image: img107Copy.jpg]
[Image: img192.jpg]
[Image: img090.jpg]
[Image: img159.jpg]
[Image: img160.jpg]
[Image: img167.jpg]
[Image: img166.jpg]
[Image: img171.jpg]
[Image: img185.jpg]
[Image: img186.jpg]
[Image: img173-Copy.jpg]
[Image: img191.jpg]
[Image: img203.jpg]
[Image: img223s.jpg]
[Image: img214.jpg]
[Image: img215.jpg]
[Image: img209.jpg]
[Image: img210.jpg]
[Image: img222.jpg]
[Image: img228.jpg]
[Image: img229.jpg]
[Image: CIMG0006.jpg]
[Image: CIMG0009.jpg]
[Image: CIMG0013.jpg]

[Image: legsstudy.jpg]
[Image: legsstudy2.jpg]
[Image: legpractice.jpg]
[Image: footstudy.jpg]
[Image: crowstudy.jpg]
[Image: crowcrowsm.jpg]
[Image: dovestudy.jpg]
[Image: absprac.jpg]
[Image: stomachprac.jpg]
[Image: elleprac.jpg]
[Image: clairestudypb.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro4.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro2.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro3.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro6.jpg]
[Image: awfulenviro12.jpg]
[Image: envirothumbssuck.jpg]
[Image: werewolf.jpg]
[Image: lightingsketch.jpg]
[Image: bw1.jpg]
[Image: sketch1.jpg]
[Image: sketchcaught.jpg]
[Image: doodscifishtwo2.jpg]
[Image: chickscifishtwo.jpg]
[Image: postapoctwo.jpg]
[Image: graydots.jpg]
[Image: graygurl.jpg]
[Image: graypencilrender1.jpg]
[Image: wierdos.jpg]
[Image: gladcutsmlgood.jpg]
[Image: maybefinish3.jpg]
[Image: oldy3re2med2.jpg]
[Image: oldy2fix.jpg]
[Image: fallingangel.jpg]
[Image: graphicmaybe.jpg]
[Image: draperydoll.jpg]
[Image: draperyboytoy.jpg]
[Image: idkdone2.jpg]
[Image: melwhiteca.jpg]
[Image: marludone2.jpg]

So there you go, you guys are up to date with my stuff! lets hear some crits and comments now!

Ohhhhhhhhh, superb work in here man. Love it all, welcome to the forums.

Nice talent, i'm in awe. Keep working on those proportions. Welcome :)

Some great work going on here! Looking forward to seeing more :}

welcome to crimson daggers. theres so much awesome work here, keep them coming :) and for some criticism just pay attention to the proportions and avoid making your figures stiff
Wow, those pencils are great! I really liked that last portrait!
Keep it up! I'm going to keep an eye on this :)

También se habla español!
(09-11-2012, 10:51 AM)malan Wrote: Wow, those pencils are great! I really liked that last portrait!
Keep it up! I'm going to keep an eye on this :)

welcome to the daggers kevin :D all awesome, especially the pencils !
Welcome Kevin! Glad to have you with us and contributing. You've defenitely got a great future ahead of you man. You've done some really great studies and I'm loving some of the designs you came up with, I like that they are of a freaky nature lol, especially the woman's body with an alien creature's head, love that, and would like to see you flesh that one out :) Anyways, welcome, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

thank you guys for the warm welcome! here is a design i tried to do as quick as possible to see how long it takes me, but it came out a bit flat so i might spend some more time on it. and the second one is some sketch
[Image: 19throbbermedi.jpg]

[Image: img249bw.jpg]

You are very good for your age !
this one http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m199/...MG0017.jpg remind me some paint of Phil Hale. I love that :D

great work, pencils are cool.
So how long did you work on the sketch?

Cool sketchbook

dimitri-thank you so much, phil hale is my fav but no where near his talent! :b
warre-thanks and bout 15 minutes, most o that time obviously spent on anatomy since there really is no costume :b
midknight523- thanks!

so here are some things i was messing around with

[Image: guyshang.jpg]
[Image: whatwillmix.jpg]
[Image: wierdheadcutsml.jpg]
[Image: horizontalbikini.jpg]

Really nice studies. The graphite ones looking tight and those digital portraits are outstanding.

Now that's what I call sketchbook worth following. Awesome stuff and very good studies. Can't wait for more <3

ndhill-thank you!
ramalooke-thanks, glad you like my sb!

a bunch o stuff

[Image: thinkquick.jpg]
[Image: thinkquick2.jpg]
[Image: laurastudy.jpg]
[Image: mancmonmon.jpg]
[Image: crabface.jpg]

LOve your stuff man. Keep it up
awesome rendering and concepts man, moar stuff please ;)

hey kevin, really good looking work in here.
you seem to have put already a lot of work in your drawing skill.


Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

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cool monsters


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