Fundamentals ahead! ~Daily updates~
Hey there!

I'm Nemome, male and 18 years old. I still in school for one year and yeah... :D
I registered myself because I want to get better. No more excuses!

Comments and critique are welcome. If you have anything to critique, just kick my ass.
I really need to get better! Thanks! :)

So here's the stuff from today.
Perspectice practice, line practice and a figure from imagination to find out my weak points.
I had lots of trouble with the selfportrait portrait. The eyes are too big, the head is too round, the mouth sucks, ...
Need to draw more to fix all these problems! Gnaaahh! <.<

Thanks for stopping by.

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This time I am way more happy with my portrait.
But still a lot of stuff to fix. The two eyes are totally different and the hair looks like crap. Gnah!
And it took me over 3 hours. :(
Beside of that I need to practice more freehand ellipses. They also look like crap.

So yeah.
Lots of work in front of me! :D

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Your on the right track starting a sketchbook. Don't worry too much about how long things take, speed will come naturally in time. I suggest looking at your recent artwork, and spot out what you feel/want you to improve at, and tackle those things head on. If your not sure at times, Anatomy i always a given, just break it up into parts. keep it up!

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A lot of potential here, great studies!

Jonesoda Thanks man! I totally agree with your opinion and anatomy studies are on their way soon. :)

Warre Thanks Warre!


Blurgh. Just some more cubes to train my three dimensional thinking.
Aaand beside of that i ordered "The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head" by William L. Maughan.
Really good book but as you can see on my new portrait, I focused way too much on the rendering. Didn't even noticed that the proportions are tooooooooooooootally off.
Such a fail!
Need to study more and observe MORE carefully D:

Need to draw now.

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Sry for being inactive. Over the last week I had a friend over here from Berlin so I didn't get much time to draw. But it's alright, I'm happy everytime he visits me :)

Anyways! Back to work!!!
Yesterday I went to the weekly nude figure drawing. Jeeez that's freaking hard to draw from a live model. Having so much problems to get the proportions right.
I'll only show a little bit of the stuff. The other stuff sucks way too much... Perhaps next week!

And then my studies from today and a new page from my sketchbook that I keep drawing in during high school.
Feels good to draw again <3

So my plan for this week:
- Keeping my perspective studies
- more anatomy studies
- getting to draw more, even though high school started again (holidays are over...). I really need to get both things working at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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You are breaking down forms and thats the first step in being great.. Great start to to your sketchbook.

M-rahsart Thanks man!


Blurgh. I need more time!
I want to draw also a few figures from reference each day, but time is too short right now.
I'll need to get that somehow going!

So yep. Line practice, perspective and anatomy. Pretty basic stuff but I need to get able to do this during sleep, haha! :)

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Good start, keep doing what you're doing. With your sketches try to aim for fluid lines instead of little lines connected to form a whole line. With your life model drawing I would suggest breaking the body down into large shapes when you construct the figure, what this does is get the figure in place before you try to create an arm or a leg etc. Creating them as simplified shapes first really helped me when constructing anatomy.

On another note your chalk or chalk pastel work ( i think its that, correct me if im wrong) looks good, you seem to have a good grasp of value and light, and your understanding and ability will only increase while you're here and continue to work toward your goal ;). Keep up the hard work!

JonHop Thanks man! Definitely gonna work on my lines more. That's basically what i'm doing everyday. :)


Stuff from today. Mooore perspective (doing this freehand is such a pain!) and finally some figures from reference (but instead I didn't get the time for anatomy, gnahh!).

Need to do mooore!
Observer more carefully!
Study more!

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Ahhhh, same shit as yesterday.

God, throw me more form at my figures, please!
Thanking you in advance, your lovely Nemome... ;_____;

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Didn't get much time yesterday, but to balance it I drew even more today.
Tomorrow starts the week where I want to try to get up even before school to draw (and perhaps even stream).
I need more time, so it would be perfect. I just hope that 6-7 hours are enough sleep for me, haha! X_x

So stuff from today. More and more line practice. The ones marked with the x are drawn with a ruler as viewable guidelines for the other freehand ones.
And also more perspective work. But the one in the middle is somehow wrong. Perhaps the vanishing point was way to close?
And last, a bunch of anatomy.
I really need to work on the neck. Weak spot in my figures...
Gnaaah, so much to learn and so less time everyday.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Looking very good. It's nice to see someone taking the foundations so seriously. I should do some of them again as well. Keep em coming and you'll get better very fast - you can already see some progress!
oh and it's nice to see other Germans :D
good work, keep working on the fundamentals, way to go mate.

Nyra Thanks. Working on the fundamentals is always a good way to get better instead of just doodling around. And it suprises me how many german people are on this forum :D

EduardoGaray Thanks man!


Came home pretty late yesterday so I didn't want to update that late. So here is my stuff from yesterday.
Only the line practice and a bunch of figure stuff from my weekly life drawing sessions :)
Still so much to learn...
Practicing practicing practicing!

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Hey guys!
Suffering from headaches today, so there isn't as much as usual.
Stayed most of the time in bed and watched Ctrl Paints Basic Photoshop Rendering Tutorial.
But after watching it I really needed to paint it too, haha.
Feels good to paint in Photoshop again, but I should better focus on fundamentals.

thanks for dropping by.
I hope I can show more and better stuff tomorrow again. :)

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My strong headache is finally getting better.
I have a math test in school tomorrow (urgh) so I tried to learn all this complicated stuff today.
School is sooo useless, or at least in some topics.

As a result of my headache and school work there's only a quick study from this evening to show you guys.
I already created a mask for the figure and painted in some colors but I got pissed and closed it.
The problem is that I didn't notice that I forgot to save. GNAH!
Last few days are totally kidding me. D:

I'll continue with my studies tomorrow.
It depresses me to see that this week is nearly over and I didn't draw or paint much.
So yeah. Back 2 work tomorrow!

PS: The lines, the volume, the anatomy. Pretty much everything sucks. Hate this piece but I wanted to show a life sign. :)

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Nothing prepares you better for a math test then art... Wait what? o.0

Found the colored version again (I DID SAVE IT!) and continued working on it a bit.
But now I really need to get some sleep for the test tomorrow...

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Grml, need to do more. But at least I finished all my school stuff so I don't have anything more to do for this weekend.

Lines and figures from reference.
The lines already got rusty during the last days.

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Nice work Man, figures are looking good and by the looks of it your at a good pace, Keep at it :)

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