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Hi everyone,

sorry for being late to the party while my buddies already started some awesome threads for mentoring but had to hear the opinion of the Gods and they are quite busy.

Just as a short introduction for those of you who don't know me, I've been for the last year and a half practicing and studying with the goal of working as concept artist (or illustrator as second option). I'm mostly self taught but I've attended some classes at CGMA and FZD and moving around. This january I joined Crimson Daggers and I think it's one of the best decisions I took in my life, these people working everyday hard to get better inspired me a lot.

- What am I going to teach you: PERSPECTIVE.

- Why is perspective important: I want you to answer this when you write your post applying for this course. I'm just curious so it doesn't depends on your answer if you will be selected or not

- What the course will cover: We will start with the very basics, Horizon Line, Vanishing Point, 1, 2 & 3 point perspective (we maybe talk about others but no assignments), foreshortening, simple shading working with values, observation, understanding of the world…This is a tough subject, some people compare it to maths because it has rules and science but I'll do my best to make it interesting enough so you can apply it to designs or illustrations.

- How does it work: Every week there will be an assignment and I will do critics on my livestream channel. I didn't decide yet if I will do any demo in my channel or there will be a short brief on the class thread. I will try to make the assignments a bit open so if I ask you do draw something in 1-point perspective you can draw anything you want and push it to your limits. My schedule is quite flexible so we will try together to find a good day/time for the live sessions.

- Duration: 8 weeks Starting the week of October 22nd

- Number students: 3. And you will not be considered students, but brave souls (Dan called me that when I told him I was getting hardcore at perspective) Selected randomly, but if you think you already master perspective leave the opportunity for others please: )

- Contact: Skype, but e-mails or Facebook will be allowed as well.

- Media: Submitting the assignments in digital is required but you can practice on paper as well since I understand can be easier at the beginning. NO 3D Software please, Use your brain, it will give you headaches but make you smarter :)

- Last words:

1) As well as my mates said, we do this for free and make time for it so please take this serious. I understand personal issues that we all have but if I notice some lack of interest and repeated failure to fulfill assignments I will shut down your soul and look for another brave one.
2) If you're already taking classes from other mentor it'd be good if you leave the seat for some else.
3) A link to your work is welcome

That's all for now, if I remember something else I will edit this post.

You have all this week to apply.

Oh man I am sooooo down for this. How I sign up (or try?)? I am more than down for this but am not sure how you EU persons will deal with us GMT -5ers ;)

Still I am more than interested!

- Ali Swei
(10-10-2012, 12:21 AM)spitboi Wrote: Oh man I am sooooo down for this. How I sign up (or try?)? I am more than down for this but am not sure how you EU persons will deal with us GMT -5ers ;)

Still I am more than interested!

- Ali Swei

It's more a problem of the other students than mine, we have to find together the right time. I got used to weird schedules, I just come back from 3 weeks sleeping 4 hours in the afternoon and up the rest of the night/day lol

omg ISRA I need time I need this how does this works *explodes*

Help please :D
No, really now. Please livestream your lessons like Sickbrush is doing? <3 I cant really sign up because I am already doing a very demanding online course on top of freelance and other real life stuff, but I would loooove to be able to at least watch the lessons.

Also, youtube please? So I can share the love!

Crimson Daggers is way too awesome for words :)

Alright, so where can i sign up?! I'd really LOVE to get mentored by you since i've been following your work for quite a while now... So yeah. I'd like to know where to sign up for this :)
Well perspective and composition are two hands on one belly. They are both fundamentals for drawing, but for most people a difficult task to fully understand - If you want to start a carreer in art, you have to master them, and that is why I apply for this course. ^^
To apply you just post a comment here saying you're interested, answer the question I wrote in bold and link to your work (just curious)


Aaalright, so why's perspective important... I guess it's just one of the best tools to bring atmosphere into a piece and of course sense of scale and distance when used right.
One kinda short sentence but i guess it describes my opinion about perspective best.. So yeah I'd be interested.
I don't really have a link to my work because i don't have real "work" so far.. I'm still in the learning phase. I hope that doesn't change anything though.
Why is perspective important? It can be used to convey distance, give a picture depth, give the illusion of altitude, etc.

Ultimately, I think it gives a picture ORDER.

Anyhoo, I'm interested to learn complex shapes in perspective.
Well perspective is all about how we perceive things. If there is no such thing as perspective in art than we would be making flat worlds. By using perspective as it is, which is how everything that enters our eyes is processed and reproduced, it gives us the world we live in.

By drawing in perspective we are capable of creating objects that will hold true to real life. Everything hypothetically is drawn in perspective :)

Going to link my sketchbook after I finish a painting today. Even if i dont get in I still wouldn't mind the sickbrush approach!


- Ali SWei
For anyone who want's to be a designer, knowing perspective is a must. So if some of you think this course may be hard, boring or less interesting than having fun with paint, you need to realize this is probably the most useful thing you can get on this forum. There are tons of people willing to do paintovers but only few that are willing to correct your perspective flaws (and do it right). So don't even think twice.

And one more thing. It seems to me many people doesn't realize that character design implements perspective, they think perspective is only important for environments and vehicles. This is why their work looks flawed - they don't know how to draw a pose correcly, how to place feet on the ground - their work is either flat or a chaotic mixture of different perspectives.

Just a few words of encouragement.

Good luck Isra!

Perspective makes scene believable, gives depth to it, also scale and flow. I'd like to learn more, since I'm not nearly as good as I need to be. Link to my work is in my signature.
Cheers and thanks for doing this.

Hey Isra, I'd be heaven-taken if you guided me through some perspective lessons.

Why is perspective important?
Perspective is important because art without it would be just plain easy xD. Well, seriously my opinion is that it sorts out (makes it clear what is where) objects in regard to the depth of the image so that our perception is tricked that the piece is in fact a three dimensional space.

Here's my DA, it needs a lot of perspective, ain't it?
Hey Isra I'd love to be considered for this mentoring been wanting to get much better at perspective and increase my understanding of this subject:).

I think perspective is important because it creates the illusion of depth within a piece and makes the creation seem more real and believable as a 3D image using a 2D medium.


and my sketchbook

Hey Isra!

I woud love to know how much time a day I should calculate with your class?
Still going to high school so my time is limited :(
Don't want to apply if I wouldn't be able to do everything.

Thanks in advance :)
(10-10-2012, 06:49 AM)Nemome Wrote: Hey Isra!

I woud love to know how much time a day I should calculate with your class?
Still going to high school so my time is limited :(
Don't want to apply if I wouldn't be able to do everything.

Thanks in advance :)

Hey Nemome,

first thanks for the interest. Regarding your question, well, you know, as for any course the best answer would probably be "as much as possible" but perspective takes a lot of practice (and I saw on your sketchbook you already started so I guess you know what I mean :))

It's true if I ask the fist week to draw something in 1p perspective and one brings me a "simple" house and another a room full of elements (tables, etc), the second took presumably more time but both are fine. But if the assignment is, in advanced weeks, to draw a village/city in 2p/3p perspective, that can easily take around 15-30 hours.

Hi Isra,

I am interested in your mentorship and I would to apply.
Why perspective is important: It creates an illusion of depth
in the artwork and is a big factor which enhances composition drastically.

My DA:

i would love to apply my stuff can be found here :

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