Portfolio Class- Character Development!
Ok, here's my complete set.
I didn't know which Arthur to use... I wanted to show the progress, and also, show the new one (that... is still a work in progress :S ), so... I did two versions.

[Image: completeset1.jpg]
[Image: completeset2.jpg]

También se habla español!
Hey, so here's my final mordred, and them all together. I've included my first attempt at Arthur as well (I re-did him after Merlin) just for reference.

Arthur Take #1
[Image: file-618.jpg]

Mordred Final
[Image: file-539.jpg]

So yeah.

Nice work everyone. It's been amazing seeing everyone progress and looking at the different ways people tackled it. And the whole thing's been crazy inspiring.

Also, thanks to Dan for running this. It's obviously a pretty big time commitment for you, but I know it's helped me a ton, really appreciate you doing it.


Quick Edit: Thought you guys might appreciate this...

"King Arthur hates his new sword. It doesn't live up to his ex's calibre."

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry guys I couldn't keep up :( I really feel terrible. It's not that I didn't do anything, stuff just came inbetween...

Well here are the old versions:
[Image: oldfucks.png]

And here are my redone versions plus Mordred. They are kinda still WIP but I did as much as I could :(
[Image: newfucks.png]

and of course a quick shot of Mordred in progress.
[Image: mordi.png]
Update: Still not finished :( and I just now realised how dark everything is... fuck me

[Image: mordiwip2.png]
Here's my finished Mordred.

[Image: 03_02_13_indian_mordred_by_mateusrocha-d5tq18d.jpg]

And here is the full set, considering I didn't do Merlin :(

[Image: 03_02_13_dan_mentoring_by_mateusrocha-d5tq3vm.jpg]


In any case, I'm still on Arthur. Made a bunch of revisions to my last one, which looked too stiff/boring and had other flaws besides. Not sure which one we were supposed to do the line art for but I did it on Arthur anyways. Figure I'd get any problems pointed out before I start into color ideas. Wanted to give him a little more power so let me know anything that looks off.

JakeB your Mordred looks awesome and definitely your best. You had crazy big improvements throughout your characters.

Malan I really like your set also. One thing that bugs me is on Mordred's sword sheathe it kind of bends strange near the bottom. Like the studs don't line up with the rows above. Should be a quick fix though. Your third and fourth are your best for sure. The Merlin is close too but I think it's missing the contrast that the later ones have. Looks a bit flat in comparison.

*edit* Well I went ahead and slapped together some flats (and a bit more on the face/gauntlets...who can resist detailing?! Arggh!)
Crits/suggestions still welcome of course.

Well edit again, might as well take away the rough color. Gave myself a limit of today to see what I could get done.
Well was doodling around some Mordred ideas and kind of just sparked on one that really grabbed me so I've gone ahead and started work on him now (might as well work with what grabs you first no?). Here are some rough ideas, practically no actual designs on the first bit, more for mood/pose and deciding what direction I wanted to take him.

The second one is the pose I decided on. Want him as a quicker, sneakier version of Arthur. He'll use magic (Kirby CRACKLE), or throwing knives, or bombs, or whatever it takes to get the job done. Figured the fake humility/cockiness of the bow worked pretty well. Let me know if anything looks off. Otherwise I'll just plod along :)

**edit** Got the lines all prettied up. Figured I'd add em then I'll start to work on the colors. *tips hat* Evening all :)
Well, took a bit more time on this one. But fairly happy with it overall. Crits as usual, welcome. Though it seems the thread has been a little one sided lately :) Decided I wanted to tweak a little bit, so updated.

Sadly I missed the end due to a workshop, but i managed to finish it up! Thanks Dan for the great instruction/mentoring/critique, I know we all respect the time you've put into it and given us. Hope we can all pay it back to the community.

[Image: MordredFinish08012013_zpsb2723f1a.jpg]
[Image: AllTogether_zps54424833.jpg]

Hi-five to everyone who made it out the other end! :D

This entire thing is awesome, I'm late to the scene here. But having watched all the livestreams of this and having gone through the thread, it was awesome to see the improvement and effort. It was also rad to have heard Dan's crits and overall teaching(epic contribution). I really wish I'd been around to have experienced this. Fucking awesome, by everyone!
Hey everyone

Ssandulak man your Arthur is realy epic !

this is what i have so far i wish i had more time to work on this :/

Arthur and merlin


Or kid Mordred althow it feels a bit like cheating

And Morgane

Crits are always welcome :)
Wow lovely Morgane, I like her dress.

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Thank you Annamoon !
Could i Join at this point?
i started attempting this. this is native american king arthur :s

Attached Files Image(s)

I know i´m very late but i started attempting this too, i´m not very good at rendering so i tried to do a simpler "cel shading"

I chose to do it with filipino natives, tis is my take on Arthur.

Any critics would be very apriciated, thanks in advance.

[Image: arturo%20filipino%202222222222_zpsgkg8dr7f.jpg]

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