Diary Of Dreams Sketchbook
Hi! My name is Eduardo Matias
Let's start this SB with the last study I did :3
I won't upload old works or studies (:
Just recent (:
Best regards!

[Image: paralized_by_eduardomatias-d4nj9to.jpg]

A skin/light portrait study (:
The awesome reference! http://fav.me/d2hgo6x
Thanks !
Be happy! :3
And Portrait/Armor Study I just finished
I thinks my version looks like Severus Snape xD !
The awesome reference! http://cobweb-stock.deviantart.com/art/A...s-45731821 (: Thanks!

Be Happy ! Be Happy! :D

[Image: e530ed234a994ae4dad0c0c2e217d28a-d4o6z00.jpg]


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