Ivan Gregor sketchdump
Hey there.I'm Ivan Gregor as the user says.[Sorin Mandache in reality]i'm romanian living in Spain.
I started this thread more like a personal..challenge[draw more post more]and also to introduce myself to this community i've been keeping an eye on it since started.

Enough with talking.i'll post some recent scans from sketchbooks,nothing fancy though.Old stuff on the links below.Here i'll post what i'm doing from now on.
You can see my other thread i started in 2011[started drawing and learning around mid 2010]
Also my blog: www.ivan-gregor.blogspot.com
[Image: escanear0010.jpg][Image: escanear0014.jpg]
[Image: escanear0013.jpg][Image: escanear0006.jpg]
[Image: escanear0017.jpg][Image: escanear0016.jpg]
[Image: escanear0009.jpg]
[Image: escanear0012.jpg]
[Image: preacher.jpg][Image: medievalsoldier.jpg]
[Image: cgjfdgkf.jpg]
[Image: 16oct12.jpg]

Yesterday sketches
[Image: escanear0001-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0003.jpg]

Good start and welcome! Really digging those bugs. Keep posting more :).

Wow, really digging your sketches!

Yesterday sketches.I'm currently currently painting some comic pages..which i can't show..also am trying to rework my 6 pages comic i did in a rush in september..aaand many other things to finish...so not much to show yet
[Image: IMG_0852.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0852446.jpg]
Thank you Jonhop and Laura.

The sketch below is a cropped version of what will be painted.i'm going to change some things in it.The rest are crap but i still like the car[the darker one was supposed to be the sketch but now that i see it it doesn't look nice there].
[Image: environmentjapanesetemple1.jpg]
[Image: crapcarsahding.jpg]
[Image: escanear0003-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0002-1.jpg]

Tried something different
[Image: environment1.jpg]

Pretty fast weirddressedthingy [Image: 30-11-2012lineart-horz.jpg]

two sketches i will never finish
[Image: SCAN0776.jpg]
[Image: SCAN0777.jpg]

Character lineart by Vito Sicilia[comic artist]
Colour and background by me
I know background doesn't have much to do with the character.. but it doesn't matter now
[Image: Character_Concept_JS.jpg?t=1355074265]

Did this as a practice..the hair of the middle one was started in a different stupid way as opposed to the third one which looks better to me.
i didn't finished them though.
[Image: cabezainventada-1.jpg]

I finally managed to finish this environment.It's full of experiments from which i learned a lot.
[Image: environment-japanese-temple.jpg]
Also i wanted to try some pixelart
[Image: chpixel1-horz.png]

I'll come back these days to post sketches.

Speedthing from today
[Image: enviro5ian2013.jpg]

Another sketch [Image: alien.jpg]

Some sketches from this past vacation
[Image: escanear0001-2.jpg]
[Image: escanear0002-2.jpg]
[Image: escanear0005.jpg]
[Image: escanear0006-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0003-2.jpg]
[Image: escanear0004.jpg]
[Image: escanear0007.jpg]
[Image: escanear0011.jpg]
[Image: escanear0009-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0010-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0008.jpg]

So much improvement here. Love your mech side view!

[Image: dinopixel.jpg]
[Image: freeze2.jpg][Image: freeze3.jpg]
[Image: icons.jpg]
[Image: ivancelgroaznic.jpg]
[Image: Littledragonloadingscreen.jpg]

And some studies.In the last one i didn't pass the eyedropper on the original image to see what colors there are,just painted directly guessing the colors.
[Image: 8ian2013.jpg]
[Image: 28ian2013.jpg]
[Image: 4feb2013.jpg]

[Image: escanear0007-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0006-2.jpg]
[Image: escanear0004-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0003-3.jpg]
[Image: escanear0002-3.jpg]
[Image: escanear0005-1.jpg]
[Image: escanear0001-3.jpg]
[Image: Lovevirus.jpg][Image: birdie.jpg]

Hey folks these are some sketches from this month.The environment was painted in acrylics on cardboard 26x18.5cm.
[Image: escanear00042.jpg]
[Image: escanear00033.jpg]
[Image: escanear00013.jpg]
[Image: _MG_6309.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5205.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5206.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5207.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5208.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5209.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5212.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5213.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5214.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5238.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5239.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5235.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5234.jpg]
[Image: 10mar2013.jpg]
[Image: 08-03-2013.jpg]
[Image: Lotrstudy1hr.jpg]
[Image: 6763e256-8fa5-4083-8df9-99af00ccdd60.jpg]

[Image: 17mar2013.jpg]


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