New Notebook
Hey Guys,
in the near future I want to buy a new Notebook.
What specs would you recommend for working with photoshop?
Should I get a second Monitor for Work or is a 15' build in enough?

What hardware do you use?
Maybe that helps me in finding a solution!


*please excuse my bad english
First of all, what is your budget?

And how far are you going in this?

I'm in the search of a new notebook aswell and looking to obtain a budget of 2500 euro's for laptop and several accesoiry ( cooling mat, backpack ) which nets me a pretty badass working machine.

However the specs are pretty extreme, I know that I won't have to upgrade for at least 3 years
Aswell i'm doing photoshop combined with 3d and then you want as many cores/ram and storage as you want.

Back to your question:
What I think is you can get away with a system that has an i5 or i7 if budget allows.
4gb to 8gb of ram and a videocard with 1 gb on it.
Storage wise at least a 1 tb hard drive is plenty of space, having an external harddrive with it is even more advisable ( use as backup or portable storage)

As I said, wanting to get a laptop but what I use right now is a 2.5 quad processor, 4gb of ddr2 ram and a Nvidia GTX560 Ti and I feel my system is degrading, more complex 3d scenes are giving troubles but no ram issues so far.

Hope it helps!

- Sjuu
Thanks for your help.
I think 2000 euro will be the maximum I can afford.

I thought of getting at least 8 gigs of ram because my current laptop has 4.
But this one is nearly 4 years old so the processor is not very good.

I thought of getting an SSD for the system partition.
A quadcore processor of the third i7 generation would be the choice of mine.

I heard most CAD software is rendering by the CPU so a great graphic card has not to be build in, right?

Think about it, do you really need an SSD, saw a few posts about having photoshop on the same ssd as your os and in the end the guy thought having 3 seperate ssd's would be better then having a massive harddrive with 10 000rpm or something ridiculous.
So 1 for the os and programs, 1 for files and 1 for the scratch files as the scratch files would deteriorate the SSD faster than files and os stuff.
Again, do you really need an SSD?

CPU is indeed used for rendering but for viewport rendering ( what you see when you model and such ) is all done GPU, so if you will be doing huge and complex scenes it will begin to slow down.

Experienced it myself on the hangout.
Was showing my plant library in maya which consisted out of an instanced scene, so 1 lump of "grass" was instanced around 1000 to 1500 times.. and it was slowing down and lagging and I have a 1 gb card.

So it is advisable if you are going to do complex scenes
Else get a decent cheap one, don't rely on the intel graphics 4000! haha

I've got a acer travelmate - it got an SSD and a good graphics card and photoshop works really great. The graphics card is the most important thing you want to look out for as everything in photoshop is rendered through that.
a second monitor is always a great idea - most of those notebooks are really small or get really expensive if you want them bigger. look for a HDMI port but I guess every laptop should have one by now.

HDMI is for videosignal only, right?

would you prefer getting a macbook or some windows based notebook?
mac in my opinion is really great in performance and i dont know if its superior to a notebook running on windows..
but for the macbook i will have to buy all adapters and shit

HDMI is video and audio signal, DVI is basicly the same if you have a sufficient video card.
If you want to pay an excess amount of money for mac go ahead, before I get the whole daggers over me i'll have to say i'm windows based but also working with mac.

For me the mac just overprices ridiculously compared to a good windows system.
You can get a massive 17inch laptop for the same price of a standard macbook pro 15inch.
But the colours you get from a mac are unmatched to a windows pc, i'll have to give apple that.
Its also what you do more with your laptop, if you just browse and facebook with it.. would you willing to pay 2000 for an superior colour facebookmachine?
Also, if you opt for a windows laptop, you can always delete the current installation and put macosx on it, if hardware allows!

i was thinking about the lenovo w530
do you think i could run the os x on it without problems?

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