Never Surrender
My names Rick, im 24 and a Type 2 Diabetic. 2 weeks ago i had an appointment with the doctor who said if i didnt change my lifestyle and start dieting and working out i wouldnt be around much longer. So after some appointments with a Dietitian, Endocrinologist and Diabetes Educator im on track to better living. If i stick to a healthy diabetic diet and workout routine im hoping to stop being Insulin dependent. that and losing tonnes of weight is my major goal. So i joined a 24 hour gym and have been going almost everyday for the past week. already feeling good, my next doctors appointment is in 3 months so i'll see how my health has improved and what weight i have lost and post it up. Never give up.
Good Luck! Sounds like you have a plan, stick to it

All together man ! just keep pushing forward and shock the doc at your progress Brother :)


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