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Terrible week of training for me, missed nearly all of my max attempts, mostly due to pain in my thighs making me slow in the lifts. it wasn't all bad though, I hit PR's in some weird exercises and suddenly on saturday the benchpress went really well and I finally hit 170 kg, and it was easy! Been waiting a long time to lift that, so I'm very happy :-)

Box squat and benchpress with feet up from me, and squats from two other guys from the club :-) The man screaming like a manaic is the head of the club haha

My benchpress PR, and a massive deadlift set from the strongest guy in the club!

Now I'm back from my first powerlifting meet, and while I am disappointed with my result, I qualified to the Swedish nationals and will be competing there in 8 weeks.

Video from the meet, my lifts begin at 4:35

A lot of things went wrong for me, number one is my knees have been destroyed, they have been bad for about 3 weeks, I thought the pain was gone the morning of the meet, but the first warmup set let me know otherwise. The other big thing is we were not sure of the exact date the meet was gonna happen, and it turned out to be later than anticipated, as aresult my program dragged out and I was doing max singles for almost 4 weeks, which was really bad. But it was my first meet, and I did what I came to do, qualify for nationals, I'll just have to come back stronger then.

Congratulations man, sorry to hear it didn't go as planned but at least you got the nationals :)
Even though you weren't at your best, if you qualified then being there served it's purpose, no?
Congrats man and good luck for the nationals!

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I am now training for the nationals, but things are not going too well, my knees are better, but not good, I am pretty limited in what squat excercises I can do, the only one I can train heavy really is box squats. Furhermore I injured my back doing pause deadlifts, extremely painful at first, I could barely move around the first day, but fortunately the pain diminished some the next morning and concentrated itself to a small area, allowing me to train things that did not hurt.

So my routine is a bit thrown off at the moment, but I can benchpress at least, and I did a 5x150kg bench today which is a PR on that weight, and a 5x200kg box squat which also was a PR.

I know I have no chance of placing at the nationals, I'm going primarily for the experience. The goal is to be in good shape and destroy the total I lifted in the previous meet, which is no problem if I can get rid of my injuries before then!

Time for a little bit of an update.

I finally got smart and took a two week break from any exercise that hurt my knees, it sets me back of course, but it's way better than trying to train with an injury, so on Monday I'll have my first squat workout in a while. Deadlift was out for this time as well, but I had a go at it yesterday and I was very weak, mostly due to a back strain I've managed to get, being without pain doesn't happen while training powerlifting haha.
The benchpress has continued to go pretty well, I did 4x155kg which is a PR by 5 kg, altough this weeks benching has left something to be desired, but I choose to blame it on the stress and confusion I'm going through right now in my life.

3 weeks training left until the nationals, I won't be doing any singles until the max test a week prior to the meet, so anything can happen, I hope these weeks will be enough time to catch up with the squat and deadlift!

Did a 110 kg cheatcurl (barbell bicep curl, using the body to swing the weight up) yesterday haha, been an internal competition in our club, testing our strength in all sorts of silly exercises.

Hey man, awesome lifts. Sorry if I missed it, but what routine do you follow? I've been focusing on strength routines lately, currently doing madcow 5x5 but thinking of switching to 5/3/1 soon. I'd love to compete in powerlifting sometime. I dunno what it is with my body, but size gains come quite easily but strength is soooo slow. Sweet stuff anyway!

Hey Burl! My routine is super basic, it's essentially a 10 week cycle starting at 5 reps and then eliminating one rep every two weeks, like this:

Week 1 5 reps
Week 2 5 reps
Week 3 4 reps
Week 4 4 reps
Week 5 3 reps
Week 6 3 reps
Week 7 2 reps
Week 8 2 reps
Week 9 1 rep
Week 10 1 rep

Each workout the weight is increased and aims to be a new PR in every exercise, it doesn't always happen, but the important thing is to try! Typically each exercise consists of several warm-up sets building up to my work set, and then two more sets where I lower the weight slightly to be able to keep doing the right amount of reps.
What acessory lifts I do depends on what my current problem areas are, I try not to change them once the cycle has begun though, my routine training for the nationals looks like this now:

Mon: Box squat, Close-grip benchpress, Dips, Ab work
Tue: Pause Deadlifts, Pull-ups, Behind the neck lat-pulls, Strict bicep curls, Seated Dumbell curl
Wed: Squat, Benchpress with feet up, Close-grip becnhpress with feet up, Ab work
Thur: Rest
Fri: Deadlift, Barbell rows, Chin-ups, Close-grip lat pulls, Cheatcurls
Sat: Benchpress, Standing shoulder press, Front squat, Ab work
Sun: Rest

I think any program that is focused on constantly increasing the workload will be effective, just be sure to follow through on the routine you choose.
Yeah I think increasing strength takes longer than increasing capacity (size) does, strength is the ability to recruit as large a amount of muscle fibres as possible in a single motion, which has a lot more to do with the nervous system and can take some time to develop, be sure to always lift as fast and explosive as you can, even during the lightest warm-up sets, in order to stimulate the CNS to adapt :-)

Performed my max test today, result:

Squat 232,5 kg (new PB)
Benchpress 165 kg
Deadlift 270 kg

The benchpress was a dissapointment, but the low result is due to a shoulder injury I have since about a week back. It's nothing major, I got it after doing 3x160kg in the benchpress for two sets, somehow hurting my rotatorcuff muscle in the process. My hope is that the resting up until the nationals (Sunday this week) will remedy the problem :-)

Otherwise I'm in pretty good shape, I lifted what I had anticipated in the squat and deadlift, and the total is 22,5 kg over my previous test. I have no other injuries besides the shoulders, my knees have fully recovered!

The nationals begin Thursday 4th of July and my class will be lifting 7th of July.

Back from the nationals! I placed 7th (out of 12) in my class with a total of 665 kg. My lifts were:
Squat: 225 kg
Benchpress: 165 kg
Deadlift: 275 kg (new PR)

I was completely injury-free and did fairly well overall. Pretty dissappointed with both the squat and benchpress, I had expected to lift more but the power wasn't quite there. I had to rapidly lose some weight (2 kg in 4 days) to make the weigh-in safely, maybe the resulting lack of carbs had some negative effect on my performance.
The guy who won my class totale'd 755kg, so I have some way to go if I dare dream of eventually placing, my next goal is a 700 kg total, which feels very doable!

Video of the lifters from my club, my lifts begin at 10:23. At the end you can see Kim Gustafsson deadlifting a massive 360 kg, the lift got two of three red lights for lowering the bar mid-lift, but that's some very harsh judging in my opinion.

Goddddamn, that is freaking amazing! Inspiring!.................

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