Strength and general athletecism training log
Hey guys!

Love this idea, so I've been training fairly intensively since last August, at first it was 3 times a week and a few months back I increased it to 4. I started by following Starting Strength (look it up!) with the goal of getting some basic all round strength, and more recently I've been doing some kind of hybrid of 5/3/1 wave loading and heavy singles with a lot more emphasis on Olympic lifts, loosely based on Lyle McDonald’s Bulking Routine

My goals are based around strength and explosiveness, my focus is on weightlifting not bodybuilding, though I am looking to add some mass. I try to keep my workouts structured into Upper and Lower days, but I am pretty flexible with what I will train on any given day, I figure as long as I eat and rest enough and my lift numbers aren't hitting any plateau's it's probably okay.

My current PR's's

Back Squat 1RM - 165kg (363lbs)

Front Squat 1RM - 130kg (286lbs)

Deadlift 1RM - 180kg (396lbs)

Bench 2-3RM - 90kg (198lbs) (haven't tried to beat this in a while)

Standing Military Press 5RM - 60kg (132lbs)

Clean and Jerk - 100kg (220lbs)

Snatch - 70kg (150lbs)

Vertical jump ~ 120cm (4') (I want to measure this and get a video soon, been pleased with my progress on this)

Since august my bodyweight has gone from around 82kg (180) -87.5kg (192)

Oh also, I'm 6'2" and just about to turn 20, for any difference that might make

some progress shots,

[Image: Aug-March_zps6c9d28ad.jpg]

Vanity shots

[Image: vanityshotsmarch9_zps67c12c23.jpg]


[Image: legsnback_zps0f8cb422.jpg]
Solid lifts Miles! Oly lifting is hard to learn on your own! Do you guys have anyone at the gym helping you out with the technique, or have you figured it out on your own?

There was a new personal trainer introduced recently at the gym I go to who is a very competitive crossfitter. Say what you will about crossfit but he has some pretty solid lifts, 140kg hang clean, 240kg deadlift if I remember right. He has basically been offering free coaching whenever he is around, and between that and a lot of videos on the California strength youtube channel I've been piecing it together.

Both you and Sam show crazyyyy growth in your back! going awesome!

Awesome job! I have recently realized how important health actually is and have turned around my life style completely. Already lost about 12kg and still going. I go to the gym about 5 days a week for at least an hour and switch between cardio and strength training every few minutes.
Noticing a HUGE difference and feeling so much better!
I used to think i'd never even be able to become one of those 'gym' people that goes so often, but it was very easy for me to turn around and it feels great.
I suggest more people do this! :D

haha great use of light in those pics!
keep up the good work!

Here is an older video of a clean at 90kg, this was definitely before I learnt more on how to catch in a squat position and my split jerk was lagging more, I will get some more video's of my lifts soon, fun to look back on.


New PR's from the past week

Nice lifts Miles, that deadlift was nothing, looks like you could have loaded the bar with plenty more :-)


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