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I think this subforum is a wonderful idea. Maintaining a healthy body is extremely important for your mental health aswell, it is a given.

A little history about me:
Since January 2012 I've lost roughly 8Kg (that is 17.6Lbs) in body fat, weighing 64Kg (140.8Lbs) last summer.
To achieve this I ran and did bodyweight exercises five days a week for roughly a year. I was in terrible shape and knew something had to be done. I started it easy with roughly 2 miles a day at first and once I started getting in shape I gradually raised the bar. In the end it was:

Mon, Wed, Fri
9 Km (5 mi) running
3x20 pull-ups
3x20 behind the neck pull-ups
3x20 dips
160 situps

Tue, Thu
6 Km (3 mi) running

I felt great for having achieved something like that with hard, physical work and a stoic attitude. This did not come cheaply however as it took it's toll first on my knees and then my lower back but I managed it (I'll write an article to counter constant strain from running later).

Now, for the past six months or so I've been on a steady gym routine weighing somewhere around 70 Kg (154 Lbs). My routine has been the Golden Six popularised by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. The idea behind this is working your largest muscle groups as a whole body workout with one day of rest inbetween. Intensity is key, so when you can achieve 13 reps for your sets, it is time to raise weight. It consists of:

4x10 Barbell Squats (currently at 110 Kg )
3x10 Barbell Bench Presses (currently at 62 Kg )
3x Max Chins (currently at 23, 21, 17 with 10 Kg )
4x10 Overhead Presses (currently at 34,5 Kg )
3x10 Barbell Curls (currently at 34,5 Kg )
4-3x 20 or Max Situps (currently at 20 regular, 40 twists with 10 Kg )

My goal for the next five months is to first gain muscle mass, and then go full Spartacus and tone everything up with circuit training. Hopefully I can return home as a champion after my journey.

This weeks results.
For clarity, I count in the weight of the barbells aswell.

Friday's end results were:
Squat 110kg 13-13-13-13
Bench 62kg 13-13-13
Overhead press 39,5kg 10-10-10-10
curls 37kg 10-13-11
chins +12,5kg 23-20-15
situps +10kg 4x 30 regular, 20 twists left and right

Feels good man.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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In case this looks confusing, I'm only going to list my weeks last workout as an easier way to follow my progress. Any suggestions are welcome.
Friday's end results:

Squat 115kg 13-13-13-13
Bench 64k,5g 12-13-12
Overhead press 39,5kg 13-13-12-10
curls 35kg 13-13-13

Something happened here earlier in the week with my elbow so I'm taking it easy, changing barbell to a more ergonomic one, checking form etc.

chins +12,5kg 24-20-15
situps +10kg 4x 30 regular, 20 twists left and right

As an extra for friday I went down to the gym and did pull-ups with 10kg of added weight, 3x10.
I think I could change the chin-ups to pull-ups for variation. Overall I feel I'm making slow but steady progress. Need to focus on form and intensity. Oh and I need to weigh myself at some point.

Let's keep it up.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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I'll spare you the boredom of numbers and keep this one brief.
This week I was very fatiqued for some reason but it's getting better.
I've changed the basic curls to 21's as a bit of a test, tried it out friday and it felt good.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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Some workouts the power just isn't there, I can definitely relate to that!

Simonarpalmer that is true. Like my friend says, there are bad workout days, but none are useless.
So many different variables, be it food, sleep, strain or mental exhaustion that you have to consider.

A little update on my current situation. During my stay in the UK I amassed roughly 54 workout days. I also got some good tips from the guys at the local gym Fit Pit in Falmouth. It's a very nice place, no flashy stuff, just hard work. During my last workouts I've also been doublechecking everything. I've got a lifetime to grow big and strong and I don't want to break anything by being impatient. The first few months I did good progress, but it has slowed down. Mojo has been up and down. Shameful display. Although the physical progress has not been as high as I anticipated, I have noticed a significant change in mentality. I feel stronger and more confident, I have become more assertive.

My bodyweight has gone up from around 70kg to 75kg. Sadly I currently lack the equipment to do proper measurement.
Some numbers since February (note that I'm dealing with 3-4 sets of 10-13 reps on each):
Bench from 59kg to 65kg with much improved control and form. I'm not satisfied with the level of progress here, but it's getting better. We'll do a max record with a friend during the summer. Bench is hard for me, so I've been doing control excercises aimed at improving balance, especially at the critical last centimeters.
My squat form was terrible, the range of movement wasn't full so I was at risk of breaking my lower back and knees. Back to square one, from 90kg upwards, the same amount I started with. "Half movements, half results."
Behind the neck press from 35kg to 45kg. Not much to say here I think, coming along nicely.
Chinups from no weight to 20kg extra, the reps usually went from 20 to 17 to 15. I changed them to pullups for variation because I felt that was a weak spot for me.
Curl 21's, 25kg-22.5kg-22.5kg-22.5kg.
Everything keeps changing a bit and I do supplementary movement for different muscle groups whenever I feel I'm lagging behind.

Food has become an extremely important aspect. I try to maintain a high enough level of protein in my daily diet (that one gram per pound of body weight) as well as avoid sugars and starchy carbohydrates. That means I mostly eat meat and vegetables. I also do use protein supplements, but they aren't a necessity if you have time to cook.

Some resources:
Scooby's Accurate Calorie Calculator
Extremely important dietary information, a must read. (it's the Liam Rosen one, good stuff.)

As I mentioned earlier, my attention has now moved to toning things up a bit as well as raising and keeping up general fitness.
I plan to do the Spartacus workout for the next two months or so before I start working on my thesis, during which I will switch back to regular gym, maybe with another program.

Here's a review:

It's basically high intensity circuit training and only requires a set of dumbells. After my first session I must confess it feels like suicide. I plan to get my brother into this too, as I want him to get fit.

A terrible wall of text.
tl;dr slow but sure progress.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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Small update.

I've become pretty conscious about what I eat, but I don't stress too much about that stuff.
Feel like I've slimmed down, hopefully haven't lost that much lean mass. Went for a 45km hike with a friend in the fells of Lapland.
I'm planning to get back in the gym once I scratch enough money. Start off with good old Golden Six and then try out 5x5, I hear it's good.

I think I'll put some progress shots up later. Oh and I need to make that article thing, forgot all about it.

"It's necessary to act against yourself or nothing will happen." -Phil Hale
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