Get fit, lose it!
Normal people have new years resolutions every year. Normal people follow them or not. It's super normal for normal people to lose weight, get fit or quit smoking.

Well, not for me. I wouldn't say I'm not exactly normal, but....

I'm super obese, I have health issues concerning my blood pressure since long and developed problems with my blood sugar as well as gaining 100 lbs over two years. This had to stop!

That's why I had a ney years resolution, too this year. In 2013, I want to get as fit as possible and lose as much as possible.

Though I am interested in a steady progress, I want to do it the healthy way. Avoiding jojo dieting, falling off the wagon and getting depressed because of the excrutiating hunger pains caused by a low 1000-cal-diet. That is exactly not what I want.

So I started to research about methods to lose weight healthily and maintain the success. It was clear that sports would be a major part in it. Also I didn't want to lose focus on my nutrition, as eating has always been difficult for me.

I knew from previous weight-loss actions that it would be impossible for me to cut out a whole group of foods for a long time. I decided to count calories to lose the flab.

Finally, my routine covers this:

Sports: roughly 5 times a week walking with a friend of mine for 30-60 mins, 4 times a week routine with Melanie "fit werden ohne Geräte", which means exercise without the gym but at home. I also include large walks with my beloved pug Emil as I live in the beautiful Taunus and the nature is around everywhere. I try to include sports or activity every day, at least every other day.

Nutrition: I eat 2700 cals per average a day. This caloric intake means a deficit of 1000 cals per day and a roughly estimated loss of two lbs per week. To keep my metabolism going, I may save a few hundred calories a day to eat them on top the other day. This will avoid that my body is getting used to a specific intake of calories. I try to eat healthy foods such as fruit & veg, but I also love convenience food, highly processed stuff and sweets for sure. I will eat them regularly. I just can't change the Sarah how she I will work with what I've got.


My major goal is to lose 65 kg, which is around 120 lbs I guess. No matter if I reach it in one year or two. I also want to get fit to be able to ski again which I absolutely love but was unable to do lately (well....the last 100 lbs).

Already achieved:

I started on January, 1 with 361 lbs. I'm only 158 cm, which is 5,1. That means I'm really really fat. Since then I lost 18 lbs healthyly. I'm at 343 right now, ready to lose more.

So let's take up the fight and stay strong! 2013 is going to be my year. I will get it.

Greets from beautiful Taunus on a sunny sunday morning,

Btw...I really don't hate my body. I like fat people :-). I just think it is healthier for me to weigh 220 lbs rather than 360. I will be fat weighing 220 lbs still :blush:.
Hi there,

I'd just like to offer my encouragement to you. Its difficult to lose weight but be patient and stick with it--you'll get there.

One thing I'd recommend from my own losing-weight experience is to drink a lot of water. I carry one of those Nalgene bottles around with me everywhere I go and try to drink at least four of those every day. Drink some water before every meal and it will help keep you from eating too much.

If you find that you need some extra motivation, check out some before and after weight loss videos on YouTube. Its amazing what some people have achieved. And believe it--you're every bit as capable as they are. You got this.

This woman is amazing. Check out her channel if you get a chance.

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