Joshua Cairós Gallery
new :
[Image: reunion_by_1oshuart-d6wx5vk.jpg]

see you !

personal work shingeki no kyojin fan art ^^
[Image: shingeki_no_kyojin_fan_art_by_1oshuart-d71bmjh.jpg]

see you

This is some great stuff. I love how your works have a sense of story to them

keep it up!
Hi, your artwork is incredible its like everything I want to be hehe. How many years of fundamentals did you study, are you self taught or did you go to art school ? And can you do a bit of fundamentals there and then but also start working on a art piece like this or is it better to finish every single fundamental before doing a painting?

Please I love a reply, much appreciated.

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thank you very much Phil RT I´m glad you like my work,

Hi eru I didn´t go to art school but I have studied 4 or 5 years in this moment but I have that study more, you can to make it that you want, the better for me is study a bit of fundamentals and apply the studied in your next work and always this form, step by step, and you will improve very fast :)

my last works a work and fan art for the contest Diablo 3 I hope you like it

[Image: mistgiantffgda_by_1oshuart-d764smy.jpg]

[Image: diablo_iii_reaper_of_souls_contest_by_1o...79zjnd.jpg]

Hi, omg, some wicked gallery you have here. I'm watching your DA right away, hope you don't mind :)

Mind if I ask what projects you have worked with? Magic the Gathering? Also, could you share some tips, what is the most important thing when you start working your drawing? Mood, reference, or maybe inspiration?

hi alexander-john, I don´t work with magic yet but I hope some days to can work with their, now i am working in my personal project now i go to put part of my project here, about the tips , the better tips is you want learn always if you have the interest always up you haven´t problems with the inspiration because always you want to make and prove new things, see movies other illustrations, old art and study it, is very important.

concept art for my personal project ( hope you like it )

[Image: dw01fb.jpg]

[Image: cocneptchracterptfb.jpg]

[Image: creaturedimensionptfb.jpg]

[Image: cratturecocneptfinalfb.jpg]

[Image: laboratory+concept+final+normal.jpg][Image: dwellerscpt2fb.jpg]

[Image: fireweapon02fb.jpg]

[Image: weapon+ptfb.jpg]



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