Gettin Into Shape
I'm 23 and I weight 210 lbs. Not the fattest guy by any means, but still I can see that it ain't healthy, and I can do better. I got a belly. My biggest problem has been starting up a workout routine. And I am not a huge fan of gyms. I don't have the money, nor the patience for a gym. I would much rather do my workouts at home.

A while back I had started, but the way I was going about it was kinda like how you would expect someone who knows nothing about staying healthy; unorganized, doing random workouts, not understanding anything about calories or carbs, and not even taking the effort to monitor what it was I was eating or what sort of exercise I should be doing in the first place. If you didn't already guess, after doing it for 3 months and not seeing much progress, I quit. I figured that being fit wasn't for someone like me who wanted to do art for a living.

But the Daggers have opened my eyes. And I've come to some revelations too about what I have to do in order to be successful in my own eyes.

I have a lot of discipline issues, and its only until recently that I've realized it, and I want to address them. Because discipline is how you gain confidence and finesse. Its pushing yourself to do harder and to be tougher than you were the day before. So when it comes right down to it, fitness and healthy living have everything to do with my art, and with me.

I am not looking to get ripped, at least not at the moment. I would like to lose the extra pounds, because not only will it help me get into shape, but my family has a history of health problems, including the dreaded diabetes. I want to get into the habit so that I'll continue to keep healthy for as long as I can. Because I understand its a lifestyle, much in the way that learning to draw is, if you really care about it.

That being said, I am not going to use the excuse "I can't find a Gym." Because you don't need a gym, and really if you can work out at home you can work out anywhere.

I'm looking at alternatives for cardio besides running. I understand the importance of it, but I hate hate HATE running. I'll do anything but. Also if it doesn't require a lot of space, said cardio could be very useful to me.

As for weights, I don't really have any besides a set of two red 20lb weights. I would like to think that maybe I could purchase a set for cheap on ebay or something. Or at least get a few more weights so that I can continue to improve and ramp up the difficulty.

I'll make posts on my progress so that I can see the steps I've made since the start. Look forward to getting fit along with the rest of the Daggers.
Realized I really need to keep an eye on my calorie intake. And to consider all and everything that I'm eating for a meal. Before I thought I was paying attention, but its one of those things where if you turn a blind eye to adding one or two things to your meal you're already mis-calculating.

As for working out, I think I'll start next week or at the end of this week, reason being I was in a car accident, and I suffered some minor injuries. Muscles feel sore from either the crash, or having an airbag smack my body. Not sure what caused what, but I don't wanna risk injuring myself more than I already have.

Supplementing my diet with healthier things like whole wheat stuffs, chicken, fish, and oatmeal. I also realize that we tend to buy lean meat over the typical stuff, so I guess I can add meat to the list of things that are okay to eat (In moderation, of course). And veggies, I need to eat more veggies. People who I talk to say thats half of the secret to keeping a good diet.

Meantime while I take care of my already existing aches and pain, I'll be trying to figure out the best workout for someone who is totally clueless about effective exercise :U, that way when I actually do feel better, I can hit the ground.....not running cause I hate running xD

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