Troublemakers study group

For a while now a small group of us have been getting together to goof around and occasionally help each other with art. We finally thought of actually regularly working together and helping each other out by doing group studies/projects together.

We get together on Tuesdays and pick a topic at random from Rian's magical spreadsheet using a number generator and then proceed to draw or paint the topic at hand. It's a rather free thing so we all do what we feel like when it comes to the medium and you can spend as long on it as you would like but we specifically get together on Tuesdays to do it as a group.

We will each be using this thread to show off our work as we thought it would be nice to share it with everyone here at Crimson Daggers HQ.

Below is a recap list of the subjects we have studied during our group sessions.

Session 01 - Skulls
Session 02 - Forced realism


Here's what I did for the 1st session where our topic was "Skulls."

[Image: TroublemakersSession001-Skullstudy_zps69519de4.png]

Here's what I came up with for our 2nd subject which was "Forced realism" we all decided to try and draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid in a realistic way:

[Image: TroublemakersSession002-ForcedrealismAri...b1c260.png]

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Here's my skulls upload. I sketched it out first with the videos of Riven Phoenix on youtube.

And here's my little mermaid piece. This one was so difficult..............................
[Image: Z5WT3ICl.jpg]

Current version of my Ariel. Going to keep working on it throughout the week I think.

[Image: YRxgRIj.gif]

Week 1 task of drawing the human skull.

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Group studies are always so fun to watch; the improvement as a collective is a joy to witness! Push forward, keep going, push harder!

Skulls are a great study! You guys are doing a great job on it too; makes me want to do a study of them right now, too.

Ariel (little mermaid) "forced realism" redesign work in progress... not sure if i will get to finish her.

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Challenge: Comic Strip

[Image: Ei9gCOel.jpg]

Here´s a WIP of the next topic ´´ Art History ´´. Doing a masterstudy of a painting called Smoking the Hookah. I didn´t zoom in on this one, and no lasso tool, or path tool used.. well.. ok maybe 1 or 2 times :) heh

And one day later it was finished :) Didn't spend much time on the detail of the carpet lol.

Frank Frazetta Study... WIP

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Damn Aaron. Just... damn.

[Image: 1gMax9Cl.jpg]

[Image: JY0TIIrl.jpg]

...not finished, flat colors that I'm not super happy with and no real attempt at rendering at all.

[Image: YJWPHpml.gif]


Here's what I came up with for the "Comic strip" topic we did:

[Image: TroublemakersSession3-Comicstrip_zpsc7b7da15.png]

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[Image: DsrC9Twl.jpg]

[Image: 9rPh5Yyl.jpg]

First study for Cultures.

And second :)


This week we had to paint water / peaceful water landscape-ish thing. But I chose to do a cube of water instead. Left side is ice, right is underwater and top is waves.

And another one... :)

aaAA I have a lot of catching up to day. Angel reminded me to post in here, am so bad at remembering to post in different places!

Couple updates on my part. First two are for the fourth week where we did "Art history." I tried to copy two Leonardo Da Vinci drawings. Absolutely love his line work and portraiture so thought I would give it a shot. Also used it as an excuse to improve my profile drawing as I was working on some portraits at the time. Started learning how to use less shadows more from it so that was good.

[Image: DotRSotB-DaVinciProfilePrepDrawing1copy_zps9ebb1c33.png]

[Image: DotRSotB-DaVinciProfilePrepDrawing2copy_zpsc9b4c9df.png]

During week six we had the topic "Jungle." I didn't think I could do an entire jungle so I decided to just draw a flower. This is a so called "Hedychium Gold Spot.":

[Image: TroublemakersSession006-Jungle_zps8caba52d.png]

During the eighth week of the study group we had the topic "Old Dusty Room with Moonlight." I had a somewhat hard time with this due to the perspective which didn't fully work out, but I enjoyed trying to get the value range across properly which worked out alright:

[Image: TroublemakersSession008-OldDustyRoomwith...76bd7e.png]

During the ninth week we got the topic "Engines." So many little bits to keep track of! Here's what I came up with:

[Image: TroublemakersSession009-Engines_zps55496224.png]

During our most recent week, session 10 we had the topic "Peaceful lake." I should have taken my time with this and enjoyed it. It didn't turn out too well, but I felt like I am getting better at piecing together images:

[Image: TroublemakersSession010-Peacefullake_zps5d63fd3c.png]

That's it for now, sorry for the huge delay in posts!


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This week's topic was Candy land. Thought I would do some candy weapon designs. Left to right : Scepter, Mace, Sword, Hammer, Staff.

Sorry for the lake of updates on my part. I've been super busy with Noah's Art Camp.

I did manage to get a quick 1 hour, "Peaceful Lake" painting in last week.

[Image: ClzGOL6l.jpg]


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