Try again fail better
Hey everyone..!

I wanted to start a sketchbook here for a while..
here are some old and new stuff..
feel free to critique..

(the one on the left is a study of someone's painting.. i forgot the name..)


new stuff..

I'm really fascinated above all by your lip studies there. So clean and precise Kiss

It looks like you underestimated just how beefy Joe Manganiello is in that one study though. Careful or he might shove you into a locker. Tongue

I like your sketchbooks name too by the way
Hey man. Some nice stuff goin on here.
As a tip: you might wanna take some more time on drawing the shape before rendering it. The faces could use some more likeness. Take your time on the shapes, watch closely, learn to watch. It will be worth it.
keep on goin'!
see ya (:
hey guys..
>Budgie thanks for the advice..

>Turpentine Jones... it's funny.. usually my sketches are loose.. I don't like them so clean.. :D
the name for the sketchbook goes hand in hand with what we all are doing here... and it's my favorite quote..

some gestures .. I end every single day with a bunch of these..


thats a pretty good practice you are doing, i specially like your gestures sketches.
The way to start to render is nice too, with that charcoal texture, but as Budgie said, you should spent more time drawing the base of the subject before you start to paint.
But you really are on the good track, looking forward to see more! :)

>EduardoGaray thanks!..
more gestures are coming...


don't have much to show for this week...


awesome dude!!!
Working hard I see :)
hey man, nice amount of work. If you take a step back at your painting, you'll see that they're almost all not lighter than the reference, and that's what makes your painting a bit flat ! you must push the contrast harder than the reference, try to exaggerate a bit what you see, concerning edges( harder and softer), values (darker and lighter) , colors (warmer or colder ) . This way, you'll think a lot more ! and be carreful on your proportions !!!!

Wow you made a loot of really good studies here. Great job with photo studies - i like the amount of good colors. Keep up with great job and have fun :3

Hey cool studies man! I really like your gesture sketches, where are you learning anatomy from?

thanks guys stuff

here is a big fail..:))

new stuff..

time to do more imagination stuff.. this is from last night ..


i'm trying to do more gesture digitally..because it's harder for me to eyeball the proportions


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