Homebased Hulking.
Hey guys,

Realised that my lifestyle isn't the best. Almost two years ago I became a father and also began working on my art seriously. I stopped caring about my body and as a naturally large man it began to break down. Now that my daughter is 18 months old and I'm begining to chase her about and play together I'm sort of realising I may need to get back in shape. Unfortunately I cant do photo updates yet which I'd prefer it looks like a great way to see progress but for now just marking it down is going to have to be enough.

My main issue is a lack of knowledge (which im remedying) and the inability to go to a gym, day time I spend with my daughter but she thinks its funny to see daddy do sit up and push ups, and at night I draw until very late, so coming up with a home based work out routine is very important and I would adore some help with that.

Currently as a 6"1-2 man I weigh 120kgs, I believe I was healthiest at 100kg. Lets see how this goes I guess! :D

Hope you can find a way to fit all of it in your schedule. I'm excited to see/read the progress, good luck!


Anyhow its no longer body weight training out of the home, been able to go to a powerlifters gym down the road 3 days out of the week. Watched a dude go to snapcity on the deadlift yesterday however. Pretty simple routine so far which is working just fine so far, unfortunately my diet is insane. To me anyhow, I'm too used to being a fatty and eating everything ever, cutting back abit it hard.

Anyway here are my stats and routines.

Age: 24
Height: 187cm
Weight: 124kg


Rowing Machine - 20minutes
Military Press - 3x5 (60kgs)
Deadlift - 3x3 (110kgs)
EzCurls - 5x5 (35kgs)
Reverse Leglifts - 1x12 (20kgs)

Rowing Machine - 20minutes
Squats - 3x5 (110kgs)
Bench - 3x5 (65kgs)
Rows* - 3x5 (20kgs)
EzCurls - 5x5 (35kgs)

Assistance work:
Bulgarian Squats, Pull ups.

*Currently doing Rows till my shoulders are limber enough I can do Power Cleans.

Perfect; work hard and you will get that shit!!!! Hope you and your youngun are doing well (:


I missed my work out but it worked out

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