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Hi Daggers,
My first Summer Project got off to a false start. I have been thinking about this for a while and I have pretty much settled on it. I would like to make a TCG/CCG game. Could be online or in real world format. It's fantasy (because there aren't enough of those :P).

The reason I am doing this is because it will give me pretty much free reign over the card illustrations. This is going to be challenge for me as I am no pro. I just want some fun with it. I have general ideas over what I wish to do, the hardest part would be to give the game some balance.

First sketch. I notice most people put up a kick ass illustration here to generate some interest, such is not the case here. I will obviously work up to a better standard than this.


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Here's a little work on the potion cards. Not had chance to do much because of work and getting my motorcycle license. I will leave these at this stage as the idea is there now. I'm eager to crack on with more cards.

I would be happy if I could get most cards up to this stage and come back to them to work them up.

Text will be placed after the illustrations reach a somewhat finished standard.

I also have some funky rules in mind.

Some sketches...

Nice these are looking good Damien, loving the new sketches, especially that Infernal Skeleton! Very neat! :)

Have you worked much on how the game will play out? I'm curious to the style of play you're going for! Either way keep up the good work!


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