Noro`s Sketchbook
hey guys. I try to stick with my personal deathline and I think I am doing good so far. Still too much room for improvement, so keep pushing! This is some stuff from the past weeks. Will post only new stuff from now on.
See you on the streams!

[Image: halbelfinlielilmarnionf.jpg]

[Image: 4portaits900px.jpg]

[Image: szene01a800px.jpg]

[Image: fightscene.jpg]

[Image: hamptonchest.jpg]

[Image: 85308068.jpg]

[Image: 24924391.jpg]

[Image: portaits01b.jpg]

[Image: figure04.jpg]

[Image: armorstudyx2.jpg]

[Image: beethoven01.jpg]

[Image: beethoven02.jpg]

[Image: helmetstudy400.jpg]

[Image: baba700px.jpg]

[Image: knight800px.jpg]

[Image: armorstudy02550px.jpg]

[Image: goldencup600px.jpg]

[Image: goldsphere.jpg]

[Image: gromshoxzwergklein.jpg]

[Image: dajaniraklein.jpg]

[Image: bearddude600px.jpg]

[Image: oldmanportait550px.jpg]

[Image: woodstudy.jpg]

[Image: hermelin.jpg]

[Image: helmetstudy02500px.jpg]

[Image: kapuze.jpg]

[Image: barett.jpg]

[Image: beethoven03700px.jpg]

[Image: skull01.jpg]

nice sb man

thanks a lot brent!

some stuff from the past days. Practiced hands and faces, obviously :)

gooo daggers gooo

[Image: planes600px.jpg]

[Image: hands01b.jpg]

[Image: hands02.jpg]

[Image: hands800px.jpg]

[Image: godwardstudy500px.jpg]

[Image: portaits01.jpg]

[Image: portaits02.jpg]

[Image: waldelf700px.jpg]
keep pushing man!

Damn those were some nice hand studies. nice progress.
Really great work in your sketchbook, keep going with it.

Thanks a ton guys! I appreciate it a lot

some character stuff for some guys from a roleplay game forum

[Image: owlstudy650px.jpg]

[Image: urjel700px.jpg]

[Image: xandros700px.jpg]

random stillife
[Image: onion700px.jpg]

I always wanted to paint lava and use it... so yea. did a study, a sphere from head and a speedpaint... Pretty much lava at once :D

[Image: lavastudy500px.jpg]

[Image: moltensphere500px.jpg]

[Image: lavaborn.jpg]

and anatomy studies from the past week. Been practicing legs a lot, obviously :)

[Image: xxx9.jpg]

[Image: xxx10.jpg]

[Image: xxx4j.jpg]

[Image: xxx2d.jpg]

[Image: xxx3i.jpg]

[Image: xxx5i.jpg]

[Image: xxx6z.jpg]

[Image: xxx7.jpg]

[Image: xxx8.jpg]

Thanks for watching everyone
amazing studies!
really good work! I love every piece :)
Definitely good work! Great variety, only thoughts are some of your faces start to feel a little plastic-like. Remember theres blood flowing under that skin and usually faces break into thirds:

-Forehead is more yellow
-Cheeks/mouth/nose area are more red
-Chin/lower third of the face is more blue

James Gurney did a little article on this and it might be helpful:

rainerpetter - thanks!

Saraiza - thank you!:)

levigilbert- wow thanks a ton man. I missed that point. Tried to apply it to todays portait studys, even though its more observed on male faces. Cheers!

todays studies
[Image: horse01.jpg]

[Image: horse02.jpg]

[Image: horseanatomy01.jpg]

[Image: portaitstudys.jpg]

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