Goal - Get to the Finals for my pole competition. Voting ended, didn't get through
So, I think a few of the Crimson Daggers community know what I do in my spare time, which is Pole Dancing.

After just under 2 years in this sport, I finally entered the local heats for this Pole Competition called "New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer" (NZAPP) and unfortunately didn't place on the night as we believe that one of the Judges really didn't like me for whatever reason (we all have no idea lol). My score cards came back like this from each judge.

Entertainment Factor: 16/20, Artistry: 12/15, Skill: 4/5, Fitness: 5/5
Total 38/45

Notes - Would like to see a bit more facial expression. Ensure Leg extensions to always fully extend. Always make sure toes are fully pointed. And always finish off moves on the floor. Some tricky moves completed well in this routine, Well done.

Entertainment Factor: 17/20, Artistry: 15/15, Skill: 5/5, Fitness: 4/5
Total 40/45

Notes - Loved Costume! Stunning Layback, Gorgeous spinning on static when up pole. Nice side climb and pose, Onaa spin vv, Use your face next time! You are a stunning dancer so believe it!

Entertainment Factor: 9/20, Artistry: 11/15, Skill: 4/5, Fitness: 4/5
Total 28/45

Notes - Good execution. Try to make more eye contact to the audience.

Now I don't really know why there are such minimal notes with such a low score. Just feel cheated of valuable critique that would justify the score at least and as far as I could tell, I made eye contact with my audience as they would smile back at me lol.

Moving on, I now have submitted a video entry to try and get to the Finals of this competition where the Judges will be different. It is voting based but at least you can see my routine and you won't need to have a Facebook account to vote. They have also mentioned because other people have already been up voting their own performances on several devices, it's now an accepted form of voting since they can't audit it.

Please have a view and help me get to my Finals. I would really like the second chance to prove myself on a national stage. I really won't be able to do it without your support!


I had no idea this sport existed haha, totally awesome obviously, voted!

Thank you! We also found out we're allowed to vote on multiple devices and different browsers (ie, firefox, chrome, safari etc) and they still count as votes, including being logged onto facebook and voting and not being logged in and voting. really weird lol

Entering a blame game wont do good for you.
(08-02-2013, 01:12 AM)topliner Wrote: Entering a blame game wont do good for you.

[Image: nzappdeets_zps8be19129.png]

I never said I was playing the blame game?


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