aechling's sketchbook
Hey everyone! :) I'm Helen, I'm 19 and from Canada. I've been doing art (mostly traditional) on and off for the past few years and this summer I decided to get really serious with it and see where it'll take me. Summer's almost over but I was really inspired by algenfleger and all the other amazing artists to start a sketchbook so I could hopefully track my progress. Just a few studies I did earlier this month to start out with:

A 2hr colour study:

A few figure studies:

And a sketch from imagination:

Just posting this is getting me really pumped! I'm off to draw some more :D

Some 60 second gestures and hands that I did today and yesterday. Getting those fluid lines and just finishing the pose in a minute is really tough!

Update for yesterday: only got time to do some gestures, hopefully going to be doing more than gestures today!


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