Want to be less anti social with like minded people
I'm so happy that I found Crimson Daggers. For most of my life I've created art, since I was a kid. I started by getting into comic books in the early 90's, I loved the art and didn't really read too many of them. Artists like Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane really started me on this never ending drive to get better at art. One of my bigger problems is my shyness/ lack of ability to talk with people. But I heard Alex Negrea say in an interview that it helped to become active in the community so that's my goal, that and to get better at art. But I'm not really sure how to go about either. I study as much as possible but still wonder if I'm actually learning, advancing or even studying the right way. Just wanted to throw a post up since I'm new here. Thanks..

You posted a "I'm new" thread back in June.

You've already got a sketchbook thread. Post those studies you're talking about in there! Your helmet study was pretty nice, I wanna see more!

Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!

Sketchbook | Deviantart | Tumblr
I agree with psycho, you've got some good skills and I'd like to see more, just get more active commenting on peoples sketchbooks and just interacting in the forum and on live streams.

Thanks for the comments/ advice guys. I'm fairly new to forums so I appreciate the help.


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