Puncted art box.
I am concept artist and I draw pictures ) sometimes i sleep
After years of work i reached some skill level and decided to collect my stuff and share it
So, let my pictures live in this box :) This is a nice place )

Thanks for your time. Lets begin

Really cool stuff you have here, looking forward to seeing more :)

I'll continue :)

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I love your pencil figures, hope to see more updates from you soon ;3

Thanks to the pencil, it can do interesting pictures )
I think I just came up with a rule: my message will always contain a picture. No twaddle, art only.
Besides you may put constructive crits and questions in this box, I can answer them. With a picture:

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Ok. Next.

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You have a tremendous sense of form, color and design. It feels as though some of these, however, would be better suited in a sketchbook thread instead of finished works. Great job.

MrFrenik, maybe maybe, im not familiar with forum categories, just landed here.
Each artist has own vision on completeness of any picture. The question is what kind of goal faced by the artist, if he reach the goal, then the picture is ready. This way you can asses your level, where you are at this point. If there are more reasons to move this box to SB thread, ill think about it. Thanks for response, it is good signal for me.

Aaaand next. FrostKing with steps of inversion technique.

I saw many artists do their own tutorials.
I think I can try too.
Wooden Axe. 1 hour speedart.

I like your drawing style, but silhouettes (jesus I would never learn to write this word) are off proportions. Elbows are nearly pelvis bone, in your lady they are not even at the end of ribs. And the frost king is too similar to this ice guy from Game of Thrones. Avoid doing copies.
Nice, I really like the axe design. Great line work as well.

Qiuck scetch, random story from my mind.
Curious x-files agents explores ufo crash site to find little passenger.

Great mood. But there is a lot of mistakes in perspective. It might look like this if there is a sharp slope. And it will be ok, but the fence suggest there is no slope. Horizontal line is set very high in this one, so the reduction of human height is barely visible. In my opinion the forst character is like 5-7 meters from the UFO. Make the first one smaller, or the both behing bigger.
Hahahaha, I just noticed this hanging alien :D Gj :D
Funny story, great mood and lighting


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