Farvus' Sketchbook
Awesome sketchbook Farvus.
I really like your perspective paintings, especially the castle one from #18, since it teached me something very important! :D
JeanDoe - Thanks!

Some quick space scene.

Testing brush and sketching some random people from imagination.

Something I've been painting lately.

Lovely clarity of colour on that painting. Very crisp.

awesome sketchbook :O . Like your stuff. First "set" of robots look really interesting.

Oh .. about this last piece ... the perspective on the yellow containers looks sliiightly off for me IF I'm reading the shapes and position of the ship well that is. Not sure but it's worth a double check xD.

StardustLarva - thanks. I found that the less I mess with color and keep it simple the better it looks.
Adrian - Thank you. I'll do more robots for sure. As for the spaceship painting. I could mess with the perspective a bit more but I already posted the image it in several places. It would be pain to update it everywhere. Maybe I should post more WIPs next time :).

I was planning to present this helicopter concept as detailed 3d rendering but instead I spiced up the rough idea sketch. It has some energy in it that I couldn't capture with lots of polishing.
I might take it further when I got some time.

That's some nice variety in here! :) For some reason, I really like the girl on the right in post #23. Kind of intrigued by her sliiiight smile and how she's looking at something off-screen.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Lyriana - Hehe. Thanks.

I turned old boring environment into more interesting one. Still too fussy in some areas.

Very rough color study of Tracy Haines landscape painting. I like the subtle hues in the background.

I refreshed old spaceship design I had on hard drive in rough sketches. The shape is strongly inspired by Elite series games.

I'm planning to start using more 3d reference for future comics. I checked several different software and probably the most customization and flexibility would give me MakeHuman models exported to Cinema4d. Still it takes a bit of time to set everything up. Also not as comfortable to pose characters as in Poser program. Here's some drawing I made for a test.

I collected most of the drawings from live drawing sessions from the last 2 years. I was to lazy put these on the internet beacause large format requires making photographs. Also I made mistake of not putting dates on some drawings so it's very rough estimation.

This is collection of sketches from Live Drawing Sessions with the Suicide Girls (at Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014 workshops)

This one is quick study from photograph.

Photo ref study for practice.

Just a rough character design.

Great work!
Cricketts - Thanks!

Photo reference study using Shaddy Safadi technique. It didn't turn out not as good as I planned. Maybe the next one will.

Yeah! Really great work actually - lovely brushstrokes Farvus, keep pushin' :)

smrr - Thanks. I'm painting new study. Will be posted soon.

Lately I started learning Cinema4d. This looks poor and empty but that is my first model and render in that program. I did it based on tutorial. Maybe I could try one element a day and then put together whole room just for practice (unless I get lazy :) ).

So I'm doing another landscape study using Shaddy Safadi technique though this time I took more thoughtful and careful approach (as it should be done).


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