Farvus' Sketchbook
Looks like I found a new addiction.

Trying out some random environments.

I took a photo from the net and messed up with it till it got abastract.

Some parts are slightly out of scale but this was just another trial.

New abstraction with photo as a starting point.

Trying out some random architectural stuff.

Hey, that's a great way to study perspective, haha. Grin

Making your way into environment paintings, eh? Your goal is environments?

Keep up the good work.


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Bookend - Hey. Thanks. Actually I'm kind of jack of all trades and like to draw many things but now I'm trying to push my strongest side which is environments. Otherwise it will take ages to really break out of mediocrity.

your environments are very inspirational hope to see more from you :)

desirulz123 - Sure. Here's more :)

For today just playing with abstraction.

So cool. Love the variety of your sb. I learn so much from your studies and environments. Thanks for sharing.
constructicon - Thanks man.

A little bit of maquette building just to do something different and not look at computer screen all the time. The first one I did one year ago. Second one I finished today.

Really cool stuff man, particularly the environment and perspective work. I'm curious about the maquettes, are they just plywood and wood glue? Is it to work on your 3D visualization skills? That seems like a lot of fun.

pnate - Hey. Thanks.
I'm not entirely sure what english names have materials I use but from the overall look the chipboard seems to be closest thing. It's like cardboard but not empty inside. You can get it in different thicknesses. I use regular wood glue to put it together.
As for the goal. Mostly fun but architectural maquette building does improve some design skills. There's a lot of planning and using spatial imagination involved before I start cutting out the pieces. Then for more complex models there is little bit of construction thinking necessary so it can be improved too.

New quick sketch for today.

New abstraction based on photo.


New abstraction.


Loving those abstractions, the last one in particular reminds me of the work of Francis Bacon.

StardustLarva - Thanks. Yeah. It does look a little bit like Francis Bacon probably beacause of similar colors and organic forms. It actually started as photo of a crab sitting in the sand :).

Another quick architecture sketch.


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