Farvus' Sketchbook
Just a doodle. No 3d base this time.

So uh,
How does one even perspective like this!?

snapples~ keep this up Farvus! o:

smrr - How? I think just by doing lots of practice with freehand perspective sketching. Ghosting lines or trying to visualise the line going towards vanishing point helps.

Here's some sketch where I tried achieving decent perspective without help of vanishing lines.

Once again a little bit of abstraction.

New abstraction.

Great perspective pieces here man.
And don't worry too much about the new site, I know I will just keep updating here anyway :)

Looking forward for more!

Ursula Dorada - I'm actually happy that there are plans for new site. The only problem is that if I decide to start posting there I'll have to divide my attention between two forums which is very time and energy consuming. I'll probably keep posting here too beacause I like this place :).
Thanks for dropping by.

I'm playing a bit with MagicaVoxel lately just for fun. You can do Minecraft style models in this little program and then render or export into different formats.

cool updates farvus. free hand perspective...without grid. wow that sounds challenging. You are doing some cool experiments - you should try some custom shapes as well. great for abstraction.
constructicon - Thanks. I now feel like I reached a point where it's enough experimenting for a while. I got to commit to some more finalized.

I hoped I could use a process where I create thumbnails in sketchbook, scan them and then paint on top in Photoshop. If I had plenty of time then it would work out. However after job it's just maximum 3 hours to do something and scanning breaks the workflow for me especially when I'm super tired. I decided to do thumbnails also digitally so I could stay on the piece longer instead of doodling forever.

For just experimenting and finding ideas sketchbook is still good so I'll still use it. If it's only digital I'm missing something.

Boredom doodles.

Abstracts by doodling on top of photos.

Your environment sketches are SO COOL! I just love the thumbnails! I really admire all your perspective practice, too, and how you can sketch something pretty convincing without prepping for it.

Hi there your stuff is incredible. Do you work in 3D as well just wondering?

Follow your passion not your friends, They may have a cool life but its you in the end
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Vicianus - Thanks!
eru - Thank you! Yes. For 3d I use Sketchup and I am learning a bit of Cinema4d lately.

A little bit of experimenting with design and color.

Something after work.

Clouds study based on photo reference.

Another abstraction which kind of resembles some environment.

Black and white sketch. I often start with empty place and then add someone/something that creates a little bit of story. This time it's ghost :)

Space junk for today.

New abstraction. I think I'll finish soon with this exercise.

New quick clouds study.

Duuuuude! how the heck have I not seen your stuff before here? O.o anyway, those abstract pieces you did are really interesting! When you're not working on the top of photos, do you have any process that you usually follow? oh and, DAT PERSPECTIVE! Daaaaamn! Really solid work you got here.. whatever you're doing, keep doing it, because its working ;)


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